Ergonomic Office Chair - How Can You Tell if It is Good for You?


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As many people are now finding who work in an office or have their own home business which involves computer work that they are spending a great deal of their time sat at their desk each day. Therefore if you wish to avoid developing a bad back it is important that you are using the correct sort of office chair. Many people are now looking at the purchase of an ergonomic office chair for their needs, whilst slightly more expensive than a standard office chair, the benefits that an ergonomic office chair will provide far outweigh the expense. As you will find a good ergonomic office chair will not only provide the right amount of support for your lower back, but will also help you to develop a better posture whilst sat at your desk.

The choice of ergonomic office chairs now available on the market today is vast and you should look carefully before purchasing, as you may find that not all of the them will be best suited to the tasks you carryout on a day to day basis. However, there are a number of points that must be considered before making that all essential purchase and help to ensure that the chair works well for you during your daily routine.

First of all you need to ensure that when you are sat in the chair the height can be easily adjusted and that it allows you to let your feet sit flat on the floor at all times, without putting any undue strain on to either your hips or knees.

The seat should also provide you with enough depth and width to support you comfortably. You will usually find that the standard size of an ergonomic office chair seat is between 17 and 20 inches wide, and when sat in the chair you should have enough depth that even when your back is against the backrest there will still be about 2-4 inches room between the back of your knees and the front of the chair seat. If at all possible try and purchase a chair that has a tilt mechanism on the seat portion of it.

Remember that the ergonomic office chair you are looking to purchase should provide you with good lower back support. What you should be looking for in the back rest area is one that provides support for the lower part of your spine especially where your back curves inwards. The more support you provide your lower back the more improved your posture will be and this will result in less strain being placed on this part of your body. If at all possible try and purchase a chair that comes with a mechanism for adjusting the lumbar support part of the chair.

Most ergonomic office chairs will also be provided with a backrest of a height between 12 to 19 inches and can either be attached to the seat or as a separate part of the chair itself. If you are looking at a chair with the separate back, then make sure that you are able to adjust both the height and the angle at which the back can be moved. This part of the chair should at all times provide you with support to not only your spine but also to the lower back regions as well. But if you find the backrest is attached to the seat then look to see if this has a mechanism for adjusting the angle of it both backwards and forwards and that it is provided with a locking mechanism. You don’t want to have to keep moving the chair every time you seat in it to find the most suitable and comfortable position for you.

There are other features you should also be looking at when you are purchasing your first ergonomic office chair and these should be both the armrests and the material the seat is made from. Where possible the armrests should allow you to adjust them so that you can rest your arms on them comfortably, it should let your shoulders be placed in a relaxed position, as often people find that hunched shoulders whilst sat at their desk can also cause problems for the spine and lower back. If possible purchase a chair made from a material that will not make your sweat and that the padding is sufficient to make the chair comfortable for you to seat on for long periods of time.

The final feature that anyone should be thinking of when purchasing an ergonomic office chair is that the base can easily rotate so that the user is not have to stretch themselves to reach parts of their desks, and thus alleviating the chance of placing any stress or strain on their body.

We hope that you have found this useful to be informative and will help you in selecting the right sort of ergonomic office chair for you.

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