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Balance is a fleeting state we’re always striving to maintain. Imbalance actually keeps us moving. I have learnt, over the years that you cannot have everything and do everything as the same time!!! Truthfully, ask yourself, what REALLY matters to you. We only have 24 hours in the day, so it is important to know your hours in this life are limited for attaining what REALLY matters. Decide how you will use this precious resource.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you create some balance in your life.

 Declare today “SACRED TIME" - off limits to everyone unless invited by you. Take care of yourself, your personal WANTS and NEEDS. Say no graciously but firmly!

 Are you overbooked? Have you exercised this week? Have you taken time for yourself this week? If you have answered no to these, then the chances are that you have overbooked yourself. Schedule fitness and/or ME time BEFORE other commitments.

 Weigh up your expectations against reality, then decide if and where your life could use some adjustments.

 Keep a leisure log to track your activities, how long you spend, what you did and if you enjoyed it.

 Do you work long hours, can’t manage to leave work β€˜on time’? Plan something time sensitive for immediately after work. When I was working at KPMG, I had my running club at 6pm on Tuesdays, so I needed to leave work “early’ one night a week. A non negotiable deadline will get you out of the door on time.

TIP OF THE DAY – Think of creating a personal life as an investment in your work. If you are refreshed and feel in balance, you will be more productive and have more energy.

My challenge for you: Is your diet balanced? List what you put in your mouth this week, and then check your eating habits with a good source i. e. a personal trainer. Feel free to email me your observations.

Final thoughts: If you can learn to laugh when you trip or fail, you’ll start to appreciate how much a misstep can teach you. Oprah

Michelle Zelig Pourau of Personal Power International is a successful business & life coach & professional speaker. She has considerable experience in all types of coaching around the world. Michelle started her coaching career when living in New York in 1992 & continued coaching in New York, while still working on Wall Street. On return to Melbourne Australia in late 1996, she returned to Management Consulting. In 1999 she decided it was time to re-ignite her coaching career & has been coaching since. Given Michelle has had over 20 years corporate experience, one of her speciality areas is executive/corporate coaching – helping people to understand & distinguish behaviours that are effective & those that impede their success. Once these are understood, Michelle then works with clients to work through these issues. Other coaching specialties are motivation, building confidence, de-stressing, setting &achieving goals, creating balance & life transitions, relationships and wellness. Michelle is past President Interntaional Coach Federation 7/2002 - 12/2003


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