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Manage your free time like you do with work time.

Teri Nomed

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All the way through numerous years the border amongst work and free time has faded. Up to now the whole thing used to be very simple. We used to work in factories for several hours or so and after that we walked home to take pleasure from the family meals or have a cider with our acquaintances. There was absolutely no way to take your projects home ( at least in most cases). Every thing was done in one single spot with a special group of instruments which were readily available exclusively at your workplace. A technician worked in his workshop a physician practiced in his office and there was no other site that they would head to work.

However these days are finished. Since then we have experienced a technological revolution that modified our idea of work as well as the work factors. In past times it was more challenging to work on the weekends because you would have to drive to the place of work. It was also much more complicated for the employer to reach the staff after working time. If they were having a picnic then they were just about unreachable. The progress in technological know-how and a move towards info society have made it more and more tricky to split up work and leisure. Drawing a line between those two is now extremely tough. Much harder than it was say 100 years ago.

Right now it is not a challenge to operate while commuting nor is it a challenge to work in your house. It appears as if a giant step ahead but when you look deeper you could discover that it actually brings more concerns than added benefits. Not surprisingly it is advisable for the employers but is it something people can be happy about?

If you really have fun with your job then maybe you haven't even noticed anything but for many individuals this powerful connection with their job is quite miserable. Actually even the most devoted staff have to have a life outside job - it doesn't matter how much they love the job. In the same way absolutely everyone needs a break for the duration of the day. If you realise you are loosing the track of time it may be advisable to use a countdown timer and designate particular amounts of time for small breaks. Such an obvious distinction between your job and free time is particularly important for self-employed and people working at home but fundamentally this tip relates to everyone. Work hard, relax quite often.

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