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Ways to Save Time in the Morning


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I rarely meet anyone who doesn't find themselves strapped for time in the morning. It just seems like no matter what time you finally stop hitting the snooze button, you're running just a little bit behind. In most cases, instead of changing habits, people just try to wake up earlier, or get ready faster, all causing stress and anxiety in the morning, and this is before you even make it into your office to find your calendar jam packed. Thankfully there are plenty of small changes you can make to save yourself loads of time in the morning, making the transition from waking up to getting to the office a lot more seamless and a lot less stressful.

Though, it seems so easy in theory, it is rarely executed for some reason, but making lunches the night before can save you a ton of stress and time. When you're rushing in the morning, it's a terrible way to start your day. Ultimately it will take you less than ten minutes in the evening to put together your lunch, or the kid's lunches, and it will make you feel much more relaxed when you wake up and realize they're all set to go.

Set aside your outfit for the morning the night before. One of the biggest time absorbers in the morning is trying to find what outfit you're going to wear, and where that other shoe went. If you take the time to do it before you go to bed, you'll have plenty of time to realize that shirt is wrinkled, or the stain on the pants didn't come out, and plan another outfit. If you need to iron, do it the night before, there's nothing worse than running late and trying to rush your ironing job.

If there is constantly someone else using the bathroom every time you need it, or taking forever in the morning, then maybe you should consider either making a schedule of who goes in and when, and for how long, or look into buying a double bath vanity. These are great additions to any bathroom that has more than one occupant, because it allows two people to get ready at the same time, instead of the constant rushing and repeating “Hurry up, " and “Are you done yet?"

Though not all of these suggestions might be applicable to your family and your morning routine, they are just ideas to get you thinking about where you can shave time off of your morning routine. These ideas alone could save you up to about a half hour in the morning, leaving plenty of time to wait in the coffee line, or maybe get out the door early enough that you can miss the morning rush hour traffic!

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