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Time Management - Accepting the Importance of Time Management

Shafir Ahmad

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None of us can deny the importance of time management.

All too easily though, this can become little more than a sound bite, or business term. It can seem of little significance to the ordinary individual, whether working for himself or as part of an organization. And yet it would be true to say that every one of us, regardless of our backgrounds or employment, would benefit from greater efficiency.

Time management for students, for example, is a concept which few would deny is something worth considering. With all the pressures and demands on students’ time, from assignments to the required social pastimes, most would seem to benefit from having an extra day in the week and a few extra hours each day.

Indeed, despite the fact that in many ways we can agree on the importance of time management, we rarely take the steps required for us to apply them to ourselves in a consistent and therefore effective manner.

I can safely say there is not one of us who has not had the experience of running out of time on a particular project, be it at home or at work. Yet at the same time, we had a sense of guilt lurking at the back of our minds. This guilt is due largely to the fact that we admit we are prone to procrastination, and that we have more fun things to do than actually sit down and get on with work. Although we accept the importance of time management; we simply don't do it. Or perhaps we don't know where to start.

The issue with most of us is that without effective time management techniques, including everything from paper lists to time tracking software, we allow ourselves to be distracted. This can be by either unnecessary rewards such as checking email, making a cup of tea or tidying the stack of paper-clips on our desk.

What we do need to do is to recognize the delay tactics and excuses that we make, and work on correcting our thoughts and behavior towards time management.

And if we do that, we might just unlock the secret to better time management.

And now, I'd like to invite you to get your free instant access to a 7-Part eCourse on Secrets To Better Time Management at where you can discover more ways to use time effectively.

Shafir Ahmad of is the author of “The Experts Guide to Managing Your Time".


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Success Centered Time Management Versus Time Management
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