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Time Management, Goal Setting And Games - What Do They Have In Common?

Shafir Ahmad

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Just how do our goals affect effective time management?

Imagine a game of football is about to begin. The teams are ready, the ball is placed between them, and the whistle is blown. The players compete for the ball, and much energy and vigor is injected into the tactics involved. Yet, when at last one team acquires the ball, they have no idea what to do - because no one put up the goal posts. They have put so much time and effort into getting on with the game, that all of the hard work now seems lost, and the players amble about in different directions.

That may be a little far fetched, but it emphasizes the crucial part of effective time management, and that is making sure that you always set your goals early on, so that you are very clear exactly which direction you are going in, and where you need to be aiming.

Planning and preparation can sometimes be overlooked as the boring bits of any task or project, but failing to cover these foundations will almost certainly lead to a failure to deliver on time and to your best ability. At best, you will find you have little time to spare, at worst you will run out of time and lose credibility.

What do we really mean by the phrase ‘set your goals', and how does it fit in with the whole concept of time management? A goal is not the same thing as a target, and even time management games will provide you with this experience.

In such simulation games, you will be presented with targets, small scale stages you must achieve in order to move on a level. Your goal, on the other hand, is longer term - to achieve the ultimate high score, dominate the entire stock market, or simply deliver 100% of your pizzas on time.

And so we need to study goal setting, and use it to effectively time manage our lives.

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Shafir Ahmad of is the author of “The Experts Guide to Managing Your Time".


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