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Stop Procrastinating At The Workplace - Time Management Ideas

Shafir Ahmad

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It is a great thing to be able to stop procrastinating at the workplace. Many countless hours (and dollars) have been lost to procrastination which can never be recovered.

Time management is a phrase which can strike gloom into a heart. It tends to give the impression that your free time will be managed away, so that you become entirely focussed on work to the exclusion of ever having any fun any more. This is absolutely not true; in fact, quite the opposite.

Consider the following statement, “All Work And No Play Makes Jack Bad At Time Management. "

In order to achieve, we all need incentives and motivation. At heart, we are little more than children who need to be pacified by the promise of a treat if we're good. We need fun things to do during our working day, or it becomes our enemy, along with boredom. This will ultimately result in a lower standard of work, and a feeling of under achievement.

If procrastination is the art of putting off till tomorrow what we should have done yesterday, time management is the art of achieving today what we might otherwise have left for tomorrow, and gaining ourselves a guilt free day for fun things to do.

Any project or series of tasks needs to have a careful schedule of stages. It is between these stages that we can allow ourselves small treats or rewards. This could be going to get a healthy apple to bite, having five minutes walk outside, checking emails, etc. Also, in order for any schedule or plan to succeed, you need to make and work your plan yourself.

Only you know your personal habits and preferences, and can plan for rewards and stages which will give you the greatest psychological boost.

And thats why we need rewards to play and have fun as much as we need task lists to get work done.

And now, I'd like to invite you to get free instant access to a 7-Part eCourse on Secrets To Better Time Management at where you can discover more ways to use time effectively.

Shafir Ahmad of is the author of “The Experts Guide to Managing Your Time".


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How To Stop Procrastinating
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