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The Time Management Trick - Your 100% Day and The 1% Trick

Tyson Russell

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Perhaps you are wasting your time reading this article, or perhaps not- you'll know by the end of it. The important thing is that you aim to use your time as productively as possible.

Work is productive, but rest can be as well. And there is a neat mental trick you can learn to ensure that you best use both your work time and your down time.

This mental time tracking trick is great, but to get there a little math is needed.

Start by figuring out how many minutes there are in a 24-hour day. The answer is 1,440 minutes.

The next question is how many of those 1,440 minutes you are awake for. Well, if you sleep 7 to 8 hours like most of us, that's 420 to 480 minutes of time not spent awake. That leaves 960 to 1020 minutes, or approximately 1,000 minutes spent awake.

Then, all you do is divide that 1,000 minute figure by 100 to uncover the fact that each 10 minute segment of your awake time is the same as 1% of your awake time!

That's the trick: 10 minutes is 1%.

If you can walk around with that in your head during the day, you are likely to not only catch yourself wasting time, but also commit to more productive uses of your time.

Here's how to start thinking this way and integrating it into your daily life.

  • Remind yourself throughout the day of the fact that 10 minutes is 1%.
    • Before getting deep into an activity think, “10 minutes = 1%. "

  • Reconsider what ‘a little time’ means.

    • If you want to spend more time doing things like reading or spending more time with your kids, think about how little 1% really is and how much it means.

  • Don't sweat wasting small amounts of time.

    • With this trick, 1 minute is only 0.1% so it is fine if you catch yourself flipping channels on the TV for a few minutes. But if you suddenly regain consciousness on the couch and realize that, “Oh man! I just wasted 6% of my day watching Baywatch!" then you really have wasted your time!

  • Take time to rest.

    • You can end up being too demanding of yourself with this trick. It is important to stop and relax. Going for a rejuvenating half-hour walk is only 3% of your day.

Are you beginning to see how this trick might help reign in the wasted minutes of your day?

Working the 1% trick into your life can bring real benefits. You start to do the small things you avoided before and you stop doing the small things that ate up so much of your time.


Because you realize, “Hey! Folding the laundry is only 2% of my day. " or, “Hey! By not fooling around on the Internet for 3% of my day, I can get a lot more done!"

Putting the precious minutes of your day in real terms goes a long way to sorting out your priorities. Every 1% of your day should be important to you. And this trick is simply a means of helping to ensure that you engage in activities that are the most fruitful.

In short, use the 1% trick wisely and you will be rewarded.

This article was about a way to properly account for your time. It is a bit of stretch away from , which is a great resource for individuals needing help with their first steps into accounting and bookkeeping. The section on accounting concepts is the best place to start.

Tyson Russell is the founder of Learn Basic Tyson is a part-time accounting professional and part-time stay-at-home-dad. He simply wants to help people learn accounting in an enjoyable manner.

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