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Time Management Ideas - Planning Your Route To Effective Time Management

Shafir Ahmad

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One of the more important tasks in time management is planning. Without a good plan, we could be working very hard, but on the wrong things.

It has long been said that of all the time we allocate to carrying out work, 80% of our time will be spent achieving just 20% of the final result. This implies therefore that the remaining 80% of the work is completed in 20% of the time. As anyone who has briefly investigated the idea of time management for students will testify, the day before an assignment is due to be submitted is often that final 20% of the time that had been available, if indeed, it is that much time that has been left.

We are all prone to a lack of efficiency from time to time, and indeed, all of us could benefit from a little extra efficiency in almost everything we do.

Most people's energy levels are at the highest in the morning, peaking just before noon, after which we begin to wind down. Imagine focusing your energy and time on the peak periods of the day; how much more efficient we would be, and how much more we could achieve.

Here are some ideas on how to plan to improve your efficiency.

Make a list of your goals and your organizations goals on a piece of paper. To be effective, organize these goals into a list by their priority.

Plan out how to achieve the items on your goals list. When you made the list above, you will know which of the high priority items that need to be tackled first.

And then take action on getting these tasks done. Think about the priorities you already have before taking on any new tasks, and if you do take them on, consider how they fir into your goals.

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Shafir Ahmad of is the author of “The Experts Guide to Managing Your Time".


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Six Simple Time Management Tips - Busting the Time Management Myth
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