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How To Avoid Procrastination

Kevin Sinclair

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Procrastination is a very common issue among many individuals. This is so common that many individuals have actually turned it into an art. Procrastination is simply a means of putting off what you could do now, and doing it at a much later time. While this does not seem like an entirely bad thing at surface, it can lead to a number of complications that are uncomfortable for an individual. For example, the stress of having a lot to do, the pressure of deadlines, and even physical and emotional complications. Throughout this article, you will learn some simple steps on how to avoid procrastination.

1. One of the first methods that you can use in order to avoid procrastination is to learn to love lists! Many people find that lists are an essential component to do their day. You should write down all of the things that must be completed, and then the other things that you would like to get done. As you complete each task, simply mark it off on your list. You should ensure that you make lists that are reasonable and put items on it that you can achieve.

2. Next, you should determine what time of the day you are most productive. You may be a morning person, or you may be more of an afternoon person. If you try to complete tasks that need to be done at a time of the day in which you are not very productive, it is likely that you will fail at your endeavors. Do not worry about when something should be done, simply worry about doing it when you are at your best. This will ensure that you are successful in all that you do.

3. Now, when it comes to avoiding procrastination, you should consider having an accountability partner. I know it sounds a little weird at a glance, but it really is an effective measure of getting things done. Simply ask a friend or relative to keep track of the things that you have to do, and request that they encourage you throughout each day to complete those things. At the end of the day, report to this individual and get feedback on your performance. This will prove to be a very valuable resource.

4. It is said that it takes three weeks, or twenty one days, to create and break habits. Procrastination is often considered to be a habit. If you keep this in mind and work for this time frame to avoid it, you can bet by the time the twenty second day hits, you will have succeeded in breaking the habit of putting things off. This may help to motivate you when attempting to break this cycle. Just remember to keep this in mind, and be positive. Change can be a good thing, and should never be something that it is dreaded.

5. Last, but not least, learn to accept the tasks that you know you are able to do, and reject those that you know will compromise your time. Many professionals in time management will instruct you to learn how to say “no", and this is a very important element in your success. Over committing yourself can cause many problems and can actually increase the level of procrastination that you experience. If you learn to say “no", and commit only to those things that you know are possible, you will see that you are successful in overcoming procrastination.

As you can see, it can be quite easy to avoid procrastination. All it takes is a little time management and some self control, and you will find that you have more time than ever before!

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Overcoming Procrastination - Tips For Overcoming Procrastination
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