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How Not To Waste Your Own Time


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As quoted from a book I read recently called The Millionaire Next Door, “Most of us want to be wealthy, but most of us do not spend the time, energy, and money required to enhance our chances of realizing this goal (94)" I can say this is true for more than just wealth. Most of us want _ (Insert your needs, wants, and desires here) but we do not spend the time, energy, and money required to get there.

If not here then where do most of us spend our time? For some it may be that we spend most of our time watching television in which case how much is your television costing you? For others it may be that we are “just too tired" to allocate the needed time to get what we want out of life and instead of raising our hand and taking responsibility we blame it on other things. My personal favorite is that some of us just get sucked into doing nothing. It's really easy to do and really hard to get out of. And finally, some of us just spend a lot of time getting ready to get ready or simply doing the wrong things to get there (this was one that I was a little. . . . ok a lot guilty of on my path towards success).

I have been working with people for many years and I'm sure I've heard it all. Everything from “I had a relative die" (it's amazing how many relatives can die in six months by the way) to “I don't know what happened, my phone/computer/pencil just stopped working. " If it sounds very harsh it's because it is, but it's also very true. The simple fact is that most people just don't have what it takes to get where they want and they are unwilling to develop the skills they need to get there. No one said it would ever be easy but that's why so few actually realize the goals that they have out of their lives.

Look at it this way: Most people finish High School but not all. A majority of people finish college but not all. Many people enter Grad School, most of them never finish. I could go on and on but I don't spend too much time on this phenomena. Life and I have come to the agreement that there are many reasons for it but the plain reality is that life is a tough and nasty game. It can be very unfair and its no respecter of persons.

So how do you avoid this pitfall in your own life? I would suggest writing down what you REALLY care about and what you REALLY want out of life. This will ensure that when things are tough that you stay have a higher chance of staying committed. Then find a way to devote a part of your life/time to this endeavor, start small so as not to get overwhelmed and learn how to get better in that area. As your skills grow and as you create a lifestyle of consistent action you will find your become more and more capable of handling the harder parts of your projects and before you know it you will have realized that goal, whatever it is.

Mikhail Hutton

Mikhail Hutton is owner of The HIL Group, a leadership think tank that helps people and organizations manage the change associated with growth and transition. Their mission is to help organizations grow from average to above average through strong vision, communication, and simple leadership.

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Appointments, How Not to Waste Your Time
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