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Nip Distraction in the Butt

Jerome Ratliff

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With todays working mentality of multitasking, let's face it, multitasking is a distraction. It distracts us from thoroughly, and effectively completing one task.

So that I don't upset our pro-multi-taskers, this doesn't mean multitasking is bad or doesn't work, it just means we need to master how to effectively manage multiple tasks at once.

One way to nip distraction in the butt is to learn how to say ‘no’ to people. However, if you find that you have a lull in between your work and nothing to go onto, then feel free to multi-task. Otherwise, put your time and effort to completing one task at a time.

Another way to nip distraction in the butt is to learn how to prioritize. If you find yourself being interrupted and it has nothing to do with what you are presently working on, then once again, say ‘no’. Politely tell that person that you are busy working on something very important and as soon as you are done, you will give them your undivided attention. But, for now, your primary goal is to complete one task at a time.

Let's get back to prioritizing. . . If you are given or have come up with 10 tasks, figure out which of the 10 are the most important to do first. Then, take the top of 5 of the 10, and prioritize which of the 5 is the most important.

Work on your list by starting at #1 . Once again, only allow yourself to multi-task if it pertains to what you are trying to accomplish or if you are dependent on someone else completing a portion of the overall task. Some may beg to differ and say that's not multitasking if it has something to do with what you are trying to accomplish.

I disagree!

If you are interrupted and asked to do something else, regardless if it is related, that's multitasking.

So, if you find yourself constantly being distracted, nip distraction in the butt by saying ‘no’ and learning how to prioritize. This may not seem like an effective way, but there have been studies done that says ineffective multitasking contributes to being counterproductive.

According to a article it states. . .

"Multitasking is a managerial buzz-concept these days, a post-layoff corporate assumption that the few can be made to do the work of many. But newly released results of scientific studies in multitasking indicate that carrying on several duties at once may, in fact, reduce productivity, not increase it. "

So, there you have it, stay your ground and nip distraction in the butt and become a master in managing your tasks.

Jerome Ratliff

Jerome is an Independent Associate with USANA Health Sciences In his business he has helped many successful home business owners grow their business using the latest in internet marketing. Jerome is the editor of Business Builders where he illustrates the many techniques one can use to expand their home business. His motto is “Helping Frustrated Home Business Owners Build Their Business. "


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