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Free Time Management Games


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Use your free time to master some games that you have not learned before. This way you will be able to dazzle your friends with diabolically clever games and leave your friends in knots.

Games are a lot of fun. Many cannot be played alone; you'll need a companion to play with. So create some free time to learn some very simple games. These games are great for kids, but can also create a fun environment for grown-ups as well.

Balancing a book

All you will need to play this game is one book per player. Make everyone stand around in a circle. Each person is given an book. When the music starts, everyone has to walk around in a circle, trying to balance the books on their heads, until the music stops. People who drop the book from their head are eliminated. The player left at the end is the winner.


Get all the participants to sit on a circle. The person who starts the game whispers a sentence to the person sitting next to him, who in turn whispers what he has heard to the person next to him and so on, till all the players have heard it. No player is allowed to repeat the sentence. The last person says aloud what he has heard. Then the first person says aloud the original sentence. The deviations are invariably hilarious.

To make the game more interesting you may choose long sentences or tongue twisters like, ‘Betty bought some butter but the butter was bitter.

One can learn games to do in front of your family and close friends. Practice it before trying it on others.

Time management games are a great way to have fun in any environment and relieve stress in the office. They are appropriate for all ages, and best of all, anyone can enjoy them!

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