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Find Time - 3 Tips For Power-Planning Your to Do List to Manage Your Time

Paula Eder

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Finding time to get everything done gets a lot easier as you strengthen your To Do List. Use Power-Planning™ to get off to a strong start and keep productive.

By realigning your time choices as your needs and your environment change, you work at top capacity. Here are 3 proven time tips that get results:

Power-Planning™ Tip # One: Pull your To Do List together the night before.

  • A good To Do List that you make the night before provides you with a powerful springboard to dive into your next day. Your focus is directed, and your overview protects you from colliding into commitments you might have otherwise overlooked.
  • Schedule time between projects to transition.
  • Retain To Do Lists from a few days before. Circle the items that you transfer from one day to the next for special attention.

Power-Planning™ Tip # Two: Use your own personal rhythm to schedule your day at peak productivity.

Explore how you can coordinate your rhythms of productivity within your work environment.

  • When do your best ideas come?
  • When is your focus best for details?
  • Use your time to showcase your strengths.
  • Consider coordinating your rhythms with those of your colleagues, either to collaborate (during shared peak periods) or to work sequentially at demanding tasks (where energy levels are divergent).

Power-Planning™ Tip # Three: Cluster tasks with matching requirements.

Cluster tasks that are most effectively accomplished in similar environments.

  • If you need uninterrupted time for several similar projects, schedule them together. (Request that you not be disturbed for several hours, if possible. )
  • If emails and phone calls need to be returned within a certain time, schedule them together within a specific time frame. The more you cluster tasks to support your effectiveness, the better you can channel your energy.

As you make each new To Do List, compare it with the previous few. How much more are you accomplishing as you use these tips? Note your progress at the bottom of your list; it's excellent reinforcement. Build on your success to increase motivation to find even more time.

What is your next step to develop your productivity and continue to find time?

You will find expert guidance quickly with our free, twice-weekly Finding Time Tips. You are invited to sign up at

Each short Finding Time Tip is paired with a practical action step that you can use immediately to enhance your time effectiveness. As a bonus, you'll also receive our free, monthly Award-Winning Finding Time Ezine where we discuss the role of time in our lives.

And for even more time thoughts and techniques, visit our blog at

Offered by Paula Eder, Ph. D. The Time Finder.


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