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Unveiling Why Is It Bad to Procrastinate?


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Why is it bad to Procrastinate? This is the most common question that is posed by all age groups of people? Since, at one point in life, everybody indulges in procrastination. Few people have this problem for prolonged times, and for few people, this problem arises owing to particular spheres of life. Irrespective of the stimuli, procrastination effects are considered to be negative and frustrating. They are always associated with poor performance, loss of opportunities, time wastage, and overall feeling terrible about oneself. At the time when an individual procrastinates, what happens is less vital tasks occupies the position of more important tasks, thereby eating up space and time which would have been otherwise utilized for performing imperative actions. Perhaps, now it is clear why is it bad to procrastinate? It is very bad for the morale of any individual as well as an unhealthy habit.

Uncovering the Negatives:

By pondering into major reasons for procrastination, it will become easier to understand why procrastination is bad. Majority of people, do not lack the time but the motivation, subsequent to determining how hard, boring and painful the task is the procrastination behavior comes into full swing. A reason such as, since it is very chilling outside and hence no exercise for today. A person thinks that performance is well under pressure and so on are considered to be fairly harmless. Although, they are not as innocuous as they sound, since they upshots in postponing an important project or obligation.

Finally, such excuses will only preclude people from attaining vital objectives and makes them feel worse than ever. This explains why is it bad to procrastinate? A person might completely loose hope and give up even attempting any task if confronting more and more failures all owing to procrastination. Stress and lack of positive motivation are the most common side effects of procrastination.


Majority of the results produced by procrastination are negative and hence, it is suggested for the growth of every individual to simply alter the behavior patterns to eliminate such undesirable penalties. Why is it bad to procrastinate is because, it reinforces itself on the individuals and prevents them from integrating good habits. People normally evade from starting any major task by wisely diverting their attention to things other than what needs to be ideally completed. The recognition of such diversions can help an individual cure the problem of procrastination. Awareness is a good place to begin, in order to tackle this problem. College students normally are the biggest propagators of procrastination, they simply hang out during lectures and projects. Majority of college students attend late night parties and then, next day are not able to remain awake for their exams. Why Is It Bad to Procrastinate? Simply is answered by such students score cards.

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why is it bad to procrastinate

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Why Do People Procrastinate?
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