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How These 2 Platinum Hours Every Day Will Change Your Life

Mohamad Latiff

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Okay, so you're saying you don't have enough time to do what you want to do to transform your life for the better.

You're saying to yourself, “If only I have more time to do what I want to do, my life will change!"

Here's what I'm going to offer you:- The access codes to unlock that extra time in the day.

There are 2 hours in the day in which you are most productive, most creative, most motivated, in which, even if you're such a lazy procrastinator, you'll suddenly find yourself turned into a driven productive machine.

Spend these 2 hours well, and in a week, you'll gain yourself 14 hours of supremely productive and creative time. Within a month, you'll gain 60 supremely productive and creative hours.

And in a year, you'll gain yourself 730 hours of supremely productive and creative time spent on finally producing or creating that life-changing work of yours, whatever it is, be it a new business, your great novel, your masterpiece artwork, or simply the job that your boss asked you to do, which, if done, would probably cause you to be promoted.

If you can put a value to your time, how much will you gain every year? If you can spend 730 hours of extremely productive, creative, positive and life-transforming time every year, in which nothing but near-perfection is birthed by you, in which nothing but brilliance is produced by you, how much will those 730 hours translate to money?

How much is 1 productive hour of your time worth to you and other people? Set a lofty target. If, on average, you're worth $10 per hour, double that amount, or triple that amount or multiply it by ten, because, in these 2 hours of the day, your brain is working in such a synchronised, productive and creative manner, that whatever it is you produce will increase in value by at least 2, 3, 5 or 10 times.

How does $73,000 worth of productive time every year sound to you?

Now, what if you don't want to limit yourself to only 730 hours of productive time a year?


Spend those 2 hours of the day thinking, meditating and planning for the rest of the day. Spend those 2 golden - no platinum - no diamond - hours, invest in them, to make the rest of the hours of the day more productive and creative. Think about how you can make the rest of the day, maybe your usual office hours, as productive as possible, within these 2 naturally productive hours of your day.

Let's say you work 8 hours every day in the office. Okay, maybe it's too much to ask if you want to make these 8 hours supremely productive. Let's just take 6 hours out of these 8 office hours of yours to be seriously productive time. Add these hours to the 2 golden hours. You have 8 productive hours every day.

Now you'll end up with 2,920 productive, creative hours every years. What if you're worth $100 per hour? That spells $292,000 every year!

Now what if, after having gone through months or years of spending these golden hours every day, your productivity, your results and your ability multiplies geometrically, exponentially, and your time-value further multiplies?

How about $1,000 per hour? Do you think after spending these 2 golden hours every day well for a few weeks or months, you'll be able to grow your value in time from where you are right now to $1,000 per hour? Sure you can! How does $2.92 Million per year sound to you?

Now, finally, what are those 2 hours in the day?

The First Hour. What time do you wake up usually every day? Wake up 2 hours earlier, go wash your face (no caffeine!), maybe do some warm ups to wake yourself up fully, and spend the first hour thinking, planning, meditating or mentally creating.

The Second Hour. Spend the 2nd golden hour on mechanical, work stuff. Spend this hour on action. After spending that first hour planning and thinking, spend this 2nd hour on doing and actually beginning to implement what you had planned in the first place. You will somehow find yourself suddenly hard-working, motivated and driven to do things.

Now, if you can get your momentum right, that is, by doing things fast during this 2nd golden hour, you'll find that you'll continue to work and work and work on whatever you're working on, and you'll feel more and more attracted to this work, as if you don't want to stop and you flow with this work, become one with it.

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