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Deanna Mascle

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You have to give some to get some. The old adage is usually applied to money but it is also true of time.

When we are very young and very old time seems endless, but for the majority of our lives time is something we always need.

We are always pressed for time or seem to owe time to others from our boss to our family. Time is such a valuable commodity we need to make sure that we use it carefully. Careful use of our time means one thing - time management.

The sad truth is that most of us who are most in need of time management rarely utilize it. However spending time each on this simple four-step plan named “TIME" can really make a difference in your day, your life, and your time!

T Is For Taking Time To Plan

Every minute spend planning and organizing will save at least that amount of time when you implement your plan. Shopping trips taken without a list often result in wasted time, errands run without prior planning often means wasted time, and tasks not properly organized often mean wasted time. We all know this is true and yet still we rush forward in our haste to get something done. Take time to plan and you will be more efficient.

I Is For Involving Others

Whether at work or at home, involving other crucial stake-holders in your planning and prioritizing can help you attend to the essentials first and share the work. Others may have good ideas to help you achieve your goals and others may well spark even more ideas from you. Sometimes simply talking things over with a sympathetic audience can help you think more clearly. Don't forget to give others a share in the work as well as the planning.

M Is For Meditation

No matter how busy your life and how hectic your schedule, you must take time to reflect on your goals and dreams. Taking a few moment to clear your mind, focus your energy, and rebuild your strength can revitalize you and help you accomplish more when you swing back into action.

Allowing yourself this down time may well give you the opportunity to prioritize and brainstorm so you can be even more productive than before. Even if no brainstorms result from taking some time out it will definitely give you an energy boost.

E Is For Evaluation

It is important for you to regularly evaluate your priorities and goals. Perhaps you accomplished tasks that can now be permanently crossed of your list or set aside until a later date. Perhaps achieving certain goals resulted in changing other priorities. Perhaps you simply learned something along the way that caused a number of shifts in priorities and goals.

Evaluation can also give you a sense of accomplishment if you look back on what you have achieved and the goals you have reached.

While taking out TIME for time management can seem wasteful it is actually a process that pays for itself time and again. Time management may cost you time for planning and organization but in the end it gains you time through efficiency and prioritization. The simple truth is that time management saves you time and stress.

Inspirational writer Deanna Mascle publishes two inspirational ezines, Daily Quote and Words Of Inspiration. Find more inspiration at http://daily-quote.net


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