Overcoming Time Thieves


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It’s an irrefutable fact - we’ve never had more than 24 hours a day…but doesn’t it seem strange that those 24 hours seem to be getting shorter and shorter? In times past, many people didn’t travel more than 25 miles from their home during their entire life, while most of us travel more than that in one day. We have time saving devices that were never dreamed of 100 years ago, but why don’t we have more free time?

In these frenzied times it is important to work smarter, not harder. Remember to have yourself a FINE day! Formulate a plan before you start your day, Implement your plan with energy and enthusiasm, Navigate through your day with flexibility and patience, and finally, Evaluate your day, because we always get another chance for improvement tomorrow! Some people benefit by keeping a diary or log of their days and reviewing to see what changes need to be made to accomplish more tasks in a more efficient manner. Don’t belittle yourself because you didn’t accomplish what you felt needed to be done. This only serves to make you stressed and unable to honestly evaluate your day and how it can be improved upon tomorrow. Be aware and be open to change and you may surprise yourself with what you can do!

When you set a goal, there may be many things that come between you and that goal. But, like a tightrope walker, you must focus on the goal – looking straight ahead. If you do fall, get back up again. Look at this as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Too often we get frustrated and angry over things beyond our control, causing negativity to cover us like a blanket, unable to free ourselves and concentrate on what we must do to meet our daily goals. Stress and negativity steal your time and your peace of mind. If you experience impatience because you feel someone or something is a “time-thief" – take a moment to breathe, take a mini vacation in your mind, or revise and plan your next step.

Whether you use a paper planner, task reminders on the computer, a palm pilot, or a combination of these, it is important to be consistent when recording appointments and tasks needed to be accomplished. Having something written down is a key component to getting everything done. If you have to stop and try to remember what you need to do, you waste time, energy, and in the process, lose patience with yourself. I find it freeing to be able to check off items on a list – it gives one a sense of accomplishment. I write EVERYTHING down so that I get to cross it off, no matter how small or simple the task may be!

After completing your list for the day, mark it with the “ABC" method. “A" must be done, “B" should be done, and “C" would be nice if it gets done. If your task list includes running about town, it is important to look at the routes you will take to get to each location, and create a mapping for those errands so that you get to each in a timely and efficient manner (not to mention saving gas!).

Finally, remember to take time each day to reward yourself for all that you have accomplished. For some, that is a stop at Starbucks; for others it may be buying a bouquet of flowers; still others may enjoy running or biking. Whatever you choose, give yourself a pat on the back – you deserve it!

Rose Zappa-Jehnert, President Get It 2gether Organizational Services Bringing Balance and Freedom to Your Life! http://www.getit2gether.com


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