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Keeping Track of Your Books-Lending Your Books to Friends

Gorry Terry

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Many book lovers love to share their passion with their friends and freely lend their books to and encourage their friends to read the same books that they have found fascinating. But you can easily lose a valued book, and a friend. .

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love reading, collecting and sharing books. And again, if you are anything like me, you’ll have a great time with the first two of those activities, and go through much pain when it comes to the third activity. For while lending out books gives one a sense of great pleasure and joy, remembering which book was given out to whom is a thankless activity.

For one, you never remember who took how many books, and when. All you remember is that the book which you really, really need to read right now, is simply not there. You definitely remember having purchased it, but you cannot now, for the life of you find it.

Sounds familiar?

As always, there is a way around this as well. One of my friends actually practices this, and I am seriously considering adopting this method. As soon as this friend purchases a new book, he puts in a small envelope at the back, attaching it inside the book cover. He also makes a small card which rests in that envelope.

The next time anybody wishes to borrow that book, he removes the card, and makes a note of the borrower, and the date on which the book was borrowed. The card then goes into a small drawer, which is reserved for that very purpose.

And any time he experiences a hankering for a particular book, all he has to do is either look up the book, or the drawer itself. All he has to do is call up the borrower and issue a friendly reminder to get the book back.

This may seem like a little too much of nitpicking to some, but the undeniable advantage is that one is able to keep track of all your book collection. And to someone who has experienced the trauma of a book lost – and make no mistake, that is a traumatic thing to happen – such a system might end up making a lot of sense.

And right now, I cannot find my personal copy of the ‘The Wind in the Willows’. Reason enough for me to buy some envelopes, and small cards – how about you?

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