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How to Memorize Quickly, Stay Ahead at Work, Take Great Class Notes, and Learn on the Move


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At times, we've all heard something that needs to be remembered. Maybe a computer or pen isn't handy, and they say that the best computer is between out ears. You could use an ordered list

Ordered Lists (shopping, chores etc)

Usually these lists are less than 10 items long. I find it useful to take each item and create a really vivid story in my mind linking each item to the next. If I was going to do the dishes, feed the cats, do my maths homework then take a shower, I may picture myself cleaning the dishes, when all of a sudden from out of the suds jumps my cat! hes soaking wet and whining for food. I go to reach for the food and as i pour it out, tiny calculators fall out instead of chunks. Bewildered, I climb the stairs and take a shower. Now run through the story a few times and try and use all your senses to get a fuller experience.

Previous Meeting Notes

At the end of each meeting, summarise your notes onto a 3 x 5 index card. That way you can re-read them quickly before the meeting and be ahead of your workmates and in queues or traffic when you are idle.

Learn On The Move (Flashcards)

You use so much time in lines and idle throughout the day, these times can be used productively if you have flashcards with you. Simply write the question on one side and the answer on the other, carry around different ones each day. These could be used for learning foreign vocabulary, Chinese characters, years of reigning presidents/monarchs etc. You can pick these up from your local stationary store for pennies. They will eventually settle into and improve long term memory.

Class equations

This might sound basic but i've found this extremely useful. When you are making notes, cut them in half! I can hear teachers having heart attacks up and down the country. I mean cut the unnecessary fluff and focus on the 20% of the stuff that will give you 80% of the results (Paretos principle). The stuff you understand already doesnt need to be reread several times if you have a clear understanding of it, the stuff that you dont understand deserves more attention. By halving your notes, you are increasing efficiency. You can use this time to either learn more or have spare hours to do other things. This can apply to any form of note-taking and is a general principle.

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