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Senseless Dreams

Cristiane Cardoso

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Surely the big deal should be about what's real

She's wearing a silk red dress and gold high heels that match her shiny golden hair. As she opens the door of room 27, everyone in class is struck by her beauty, and the one she's dreamed of all her life is walking towards her with his eyes fixed on hers saying more than any words could. And as they're about to kiss, a noise coming from nowhere is heard. It's the bell, and she is daydreaming once again.

Daydreams come and go throughout the day; you may be at work or in school, driving or walking, or simply lying in bed. They're like the waves of the sea, non-stop, making you drifts far away from the shore. Suddenly, your belongings are so far away from you that anyone could steal them from right under your nose.

"I used to daydream a lot and know exactly how these fake images in the mind can make a girl feel. . . "

That's what daydreams do to us. They take us to places that don't exist and cause us to get wrapped up in things that will never happen, whilst in the real world, we lose touch of what is really going on in our lives.

I used to daydream a lot and I know exactly how these fake images in the mind can make a girl feel, especially if she's a loner and inferior to every other girl. She's special, well known, popular, admired by everyone, wanted by everyone, and everything anyone would ever want to be. The problem is, the minute you're back to your senses, you find yourself so far away from what you want to be that you can't help but feel frustrated at yourself, as if you're never going to be good enough.

Then as if having low self-confidence is not enough, your studies or work are also affected and consequently, you're not doing as good as everyone around you and are in danger of losing everything or developing a reputation of not being so bright.

Surely the big deal should be about what's real. Reality is what matters and if that is not working for you, work at it - do better at it. Everyone has the capacity to be who they want to be, but few actually realise this in time and so day dream their lives away as if they had all the time in the world. And then one day, it's too late - you're too old, or you've made so many wrong decisions that now you can't afford to pursue your real dreams, whilst the day dreams continue to be like movies that temporarily make you live a fairytale.

Life will not wait for you to wake up from them. It'll go on and precious time will be wasted - there's no doubt about that.

So how can you avoid this nonsense? Get busy. Don't let your mind rest. Focus on something and when that's finished, focus on something else, until you're too tired to think and you simply go to sleep. You'll be doing yourself a big favour, getting better at what you do, and applying yourself to new things, creating new talents and skills, and overall making reality a much better dream to live out.

In faith,

Cristiane Cardoso
Columnist at and various other inspirational sites. Email her direct


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