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10 Super Ways to Take Action Right Away With No Hesitation


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It's easy to give in to doubt and hesitation, but you will no doubt realize that doing so doesn't get you anywhere. If you have things you need to do, learn how to get started right away and get rid of all your hesitation.

1. Take responsibility for your life

No one up above in the sky has it in for you. There isn't someone waiting to ensure you fail no matter what you try to do. You are in charge of what you do and what happens to you.

Once you accept that, you can stop waiting for success to fall in your lap and you can go out and take steps to achieve it.

2. Know what you want

Achieving your goals takes focus. You have to know what you want so you can aim for it.

If you can't aim for clear goals, you can't plan the steps that will enable you to achieve them. You'll never know what to do that way, so make sure you plan ahead.

3. Believe it's possible

A little self-belief goes a long way.

It will totally transform the way you approach a task if you believe you can do it. You will more effort into it and so will be much more likely to succeed simply because of that.

4. Set goals

Each new thing you achieve, each new skill you acquire makes something else possible. Set small goals to build upon your newly acquired capabilities and soon you will leave your hesitation way behind.

5. Take it one step at a step

Take your goal setting at a sensible pace. Don't try to do too much at once, because that way you will become discouraged and start to hesitate again as things go wrong.

6. Learn from your achievements

What enabled you to achieve a goal you set yourself?

If it worked once, it can work again. Use those skills and that knowledge to make you even more successful in the future.

It's also a great confidence boost as you begin to see how it is you who made that success happen. If you feel confident in your ability to succeed, you are less likely to hesitate.

7. Don't give in to fear

You can be your own worst enemy, constantly telling yourself you can't do it; it's not worth the risk etc, etc. If you recognize this description in yourself, you're making yourself hesitate instead of acting.

You will be so scared to fail that you never even try. That way, you don't achieve anything and you become a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby you can then affirm your negativity by telling yourself ‘I knew I couldn't do it’.

That's an excuse to hesitate.

Maybe, just maybe, you could succeed if you tried.

8. Make sensible plans to get over obstacles or to modify your plans if things don't work out.

That way, having a problem is a temporary thing. You can get over it and you don't need to give up.

9. Just ask!

You don't have to achieve your goals all on your own without any help. Don't let uncertainty about what needs to be done be a reason for your further hesitation.

There will always be someone to ask or classes you can take. Don't be afraid to ask or too proud to accept advice.

10. Plan for the future

Once you have achieved a goal, plan your next one. Keep learning and growing and moving forward.

The only way to overcome hesitation is to keep trying, despite setbacks, and doing a little bit at a time to chip away towards what you need to do.

Use your experiences and newly acquired skills and build upon them to make new things possible all the time, and get rid of any excuse you ever gave yourself for hesitation.

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