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Colorful Self-Improvement - 7 Keys to a Happier, Healthier & Wealthier You

Francesca Durham

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For more than a thousand years the wisest among us knew the secrets of energetic matter and now this once mysterious art is a respected modern medicine and worldwide applied science. Today color is used to treat everything from a slight case of “the blues" through to life robbing cancers, and whether we acknowledge it or not, color affects all aspects of our lives.

If it sounds a little far fetched to think the very presence of a color can change your mood, or alter your opinion on some subject, I'd ask you to take a look at the previous paragraph where I mention “the blues. " What about “seeing red" when you are angry? How about “green with envy?"

Color is everywhere. It's true these are simple and obvious examples of how colour is part of our lives, however it goes much deeper than this. Exposure to color not only affects us, but we also project our own color signature too. Permit me to explain.

Science has shown through electromagnetic mapping and other studies of our energetic signature, we become predisposed to certain colors at certain times. We gravitate toward the colors which are lacking in our lives. At a core level, we instinctively know when we are out of balance.

We naturally seek harmony. Unfortunately, many people resist their innate sense of colorful balance, or worse still, actively fight it with the improper choice of surroundings, clothing and other materials. This colourful imbalance leads to a range of conditions and issues from the slightest sensation of feeling disconnected from life and your surroundings, to a full-blown case of depression and self-doubt.

Further examples of color based issues can manifest as relationship problems, struggles with work or career, challenges with your children, confidence, self-esteem and other personal obstacles.

Granted this might sounds a little “new age" but it's not and you are most likely experiencing a harmonic color misalignment. It's “basic physics 101" and through a series of simple steps, practical exercises and conscious effort to become more aware of your colorful choices, you will experience personal self improvement and feel more grounded, more confident, more able to decide what you will and will not accept from life. You will become the person you wish to be.

ABOUT: Francesca Durham is a certified Color Life Coach, Aura-Soma and NLP Practitioner. She offers various programs and services including Life Coaching through Colour empowering women to achieve balance and harmony in both their personal and professional lives. Francesca's main website is and the newest addition to her Rainbow Program is the 103 page ebook titled “Colorful Self-Improvement: 7 Keys to a Happier, Healthier, Wealthier You!" and is available at


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Retiring Younger and Wealthier
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