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The Art of Persuasion, Communication, & Commonality


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In corporate offices, homes and meetings held across the world miscommunication happens and causes countless failures. The cause of broken relationships, lost sales, lawsuits and poor job performance can all be a result of poor communication.

Communication can be a life or death matter. Think of the air traffic controller directing two fully loaded 747's in the clouds at 35,000 feet, WOW! Communication is everything to that person, right?

Problem solvers are good communicators; good negotiators and good communicators build loyalty. They develop more intimate relationships, receive more invitations to be part of meetings, groups and families. Good communicators avoid arguments. They pick other people's brains profitably for ideas, experiences and facts.

If you intend to do more persuasion you will need to listen to others, be an eavesdropper. As you listen, you will notice more about others and you will learn how tones and voices, as well as body language affects others. You will notice what works and what does not work for others.

Good communicators consider alternatives for saying things before they speak. Saying the wrong thing could offend the other party. Make yourself aware of the alternative responses that you should use when someone accuses you of something, or they anger you. How you communicate will determine the outcome in any situation.

Is it different than when someone praises you or motivates you? Of course it is. What is different? Simply being aware of the various responses will open up the various response avenues. Are you successful in your communication? How do you know? Are you having the desired effect on people that you are trying to accomplish? Do you get the responses you want? Are you making them think? Can you effectively work with a group as well as an individual?

Effective communication involves the messages you send as well as the ones you receive. What does the other person think you said, or how did they take it? All of this is based on your communication methods.

Commonality is typically key in communication. People like people who are most like them. They tend to do business more, and be around people they can relate to the most. People believe and trust people they like and can relate to. Your challenge is to search and discover what other people like and dislike. Family, personal history, experiences, careers, goals, hobbies, skills, schools you attended, hometowns, all of these things are areas where we might find commonality between people. The more things you have in common with another person, the more reason you will have to like one another. People like people who are most like themselves.

To be persuasive you must demonstrate your good intentions. You must act in good faith to the best of your knowledge and ability. People must believe that you want to cooperate with them and help them achieve their personal and career objectives.

The next time you find yourself needing to make a deal, make a big decision, hire someone, gain a client, whatever the case may be. Throughout life, you will need to focus on three major things Persuasion, Communication, and Commonality. These are your lifelines when dealing with other members of this great human race.

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Persuasion Techniques Easily Persuade Anyone With 3 Persuasion Techniques
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