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Can't Seem to Apply the Law of Attraction? How to Clear Your Limiting Beliefs Using Ho'oponopono

Thomas Davey

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No two ways about it, the Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe and if used correctly, can absolutely transform your life. However, many (if not most) people have trouble applying the law in their lives. Generally speaking, people often experience mediocre results, especially when first beginning to understand the Law of Attraction. This article will show you how to clear any ‘limiting beliefs’ that are holding you back so you can supercharge your results in every area of your life.

To understand just how your beliefs impact your ability to manifest your desires, you must first understand exactly ‘what’ beliefs are. Simply put, beliefs are just thoughts that you constantly think. For example, a thought of ‘I am a victim of circumstances’ will always attract more similar thoughts to you. Remember, the Law of Attraction says that ‘like attracts like’. These thoughts will soon bring about physical manifestations in your life, thus confirming your so-called ‘beliefs’. The reason most people are not financially successful is simply because they adopted their beliefs about money from people who do not have it! If you want success in any area of your life, adopt the beliefs of people you DO admire.

The problem is that you cannot just ‘choose’ new beliefs, as they are often well established. Your conscious mind cannot imprint ‘new’ beliefs into your subconscious brain at your choosing. However there is an amazing way of getting around this problem, known as Ho'oponopono. Although a little crazy-sounding, this ancient Hawaiian technique will absolutely transform your ability to create the life you desire.

To go about clearing your negative and limiting beliefs, I urge you to take out a piece of paper. Begin by writing down all of your beliefs in regard to an area in your life of which you wish to improve upon. If money is a concern, you may write, “money is hard to come by", etc. You should list your beliefs in any area that you wish to improve upon. However I would strongly recommend including beliefs that revolve around your ‘power to create your life’. This is simply because many people believe that they are a victim of circumstance or perhaps they can influence their lives only modestly. This could not be further from the truth! Unless you believe that you have 100% control of how your life plays out, you definitely need to clear some old beliefs.

Now that you have your list of limiting beliefs, read through the list and notice how each of these beliefs have created your current life to date. Then I would suggest discrediting each one by stating that it is just a ‘belief’ and you are now about to choose ones that better serve you. After completing this, again read each belief individually and then repeat the following:

"I'm Sorry"
"I Love You"
"Thank You"
"Please Forgive Me"

Repeat these phrases for each limiting belief that you listed. Once this is complete, you can go about choosing new beliefs. As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new!"

To imprint the subconscious mind, where most of your attractive power is held, the following technique works wonders. First, spend 5 to 10 minutes meditating. In case you have never meditated before, simply sit in a comfortable position and just breathe deeply in and out. The key is to try and focus on ‘nothing’. So when thoughts pop into your head, just calmly ‘put them aside’ without giving them much thought. Once you have completed your brief meditation, keep you eyes closed and silently say your ‘new’ beliefs. These are best prepared beforehand and should include empowering statements. For example, “I am in absolute control of my life, " or perhaps, “Money comes easily and frequently. "

I do suggest doing this daily as this will cement these new beliefs even more! However if you do catch yourself falling into your old ways of thinking, I recommend repeating the four Ho'oponopono phrases and then reminding yourself of your NEW beliefs.

By clearing out your limiting beliefs, your life will improve remarkably. By choosing new beliefs that serve you, you can stop sabotaging your own results and live the life you deserve. So what are you waiting for?

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