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The Secret, What Is It All About?

Sheryl Polomka

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There was such a huge hype when the book and dvd ‘The Secret’ were released. The whole world was talking about it - even Oprah! So what is it really all about?

The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction and believing in what you want and attracting it to you. It's about letting your thoughts attract what you want into your life. This really is something that we are all born with but most of us just don't know we have it or how to use it.

In life some people are under achievers, some are average achievers and then there are those who over achieve and are extremely successful in everything that they do. Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to be very lucky while others not so lucky and those who are lucky just seem to win everything and succeed in everything they have a go at. Those that aren't lucky seem to lose everything they try and are never successful no matter how hard they try.

The belief of ‘The Secret’ is that our thoughts are what attract our luck and success and at the same time can attract the negatives and failures in our lives. The way that we think plays a huge part in the way that we act which in turn does affect the outcome of our situations and ultimately the outcome of our life.

It's true that there are thousands of people that are very successful even though they may never have heard of the secret but even though they may not have read the book or watched the DVD there is a good chance that they still use the law of attraction and it is probably something they have done all their lives.

Everyone can learn the beliefs taught in this book it may take time and in some people it may take longer than others but it is achievable for anyone. The biggest problem that most people have when trying to introduce the law of attraction beliefs into their lives is that if they don't see results straight away they will quickly give up.

There are courses available that can walk you through learning the methods taught through The Secret and they really can help you to overcome any obstacles that may be stopping you from reaching full success.

My name is Sheryl Polomka and I have studied ‘The Secret’ and by using the law of attraction have been able to change my life dramatically. It's not always easy to do it on your own which is why I chose to take a personal course that really helped me learn how to attract happiness, health and wealth into my life

To find out more about the course that I took visit


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