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How to Use the Subconscious Mind


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In the early part of the last century, certain people first began to realize that the mind was duality in its operation. The part we always are accustomed to using was named the conscious mind and the other part mistakenly thought to be the lesser part of consciousness was named the subconscious mind.

It was felt that the conscious mind, with its ability to think and reason, would naturally be the master part of the mind and that the other one would be subservient to it. This is extremely inaccurate and is far from being the truth. As you are about to learn, the subconscious mind is the real intelligence and power. No one has ever had as much intelligence, consciously, as all of us have subconsciously.

The prefix “sub" means under, below, beneath, lower. Since the subconscious mind is the seat of our intelligence and power, why do we call it the subconscious mind? Originally it was thought to be the lesser part of our mind and so it was labeled with the sub prefix. What was not realized is that the subconscious mind can access and use all the knowledge of the universe.

Our thoughts and actions are continually being guided by our subconscious mind, whether or not we are led to success and happiness, or failure and despair. It is the subconscious mind that controls and directs our actions as a direct result of the commands our conscious mind gives. It is our conscious mind that discerns levels of difference; good from bad, poor from rich, sick from healthy, and so on. Our subconscious does not make these distinctions; it only follows our conscious guidance and brings into our reality what we have commanded.

We command our subconscious by the thoughts, and words we use. If we are always speaking of prosperity then we develop a success consciousness, the subconscious mind will direct us in thought and action to success and happiness. Conversely if we are always speaking of how hard we have it and our lack of money and resources, then the same measure is applied and our subconscious will cause us to have a hard life, with a lack of money. Do you see what is happening here?

The following is a very simple description of the subconscious Mind and its relationship to the conscious mind. We will use a large corporation as an illustration. A big corporation, as you know, has a CEO and a general manager. Of course it has all those others too like vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, etc. However for the sake of simplicity, we will use only the CEO and the general manager. Let us assume that this corporation in this illustration is an automobile plant. The CEO does the planning; the general manager executes the plans. When a new model is being contemplated, the president will make the decision as to all the changes to be made. These changes will be given to the general manager. It is the manager that tells the designers and draftsmen and tool makers etc. as to what to do, soon after the models are made; the plant is tooled up to create the new designs and on and on it goes until finally a new car rolls off the line bearing all of the changes originally planned by the CEO.

The conscious mind is the CEO; the subconscious mind is the general manager. The conscious mind does the thinking, planning, evaluating. The subconscious mind carries out the orders. You, as you sit right now are the CEO of your self. Your subconscious is also part of you but works far differently than the CEO part of you. The subconscious part of you will cause to come into reality anything you command it to.

Let us use an example that more closely applies to you. There is an individual that was just getting by. This person just barely managed to keep food on the table and to pay the rent; but there never was any money left over for nice clothes, vacation, etc. This person was always talking about how hard life was and that the working person could never catch a break.

Then one day; suddenly a powerful thought entered into their mind. That person began to see that there is a better life and it could be theirs for the asking. That person saw their self as a success. That person began to think in terms of “I AM a Success, " and began to talk about the good things in life.

So what do you think happens after that simple thought change? That's right their general manager; the subconscious mind, accepts the thought “I AM a Success" as a command. It is a new model ordered by the CEO; the conscious mind. Now then, just as the general manager of the factory will give out orders to the many department heads, your subconscious mind will begin sending out messages to the various assistants throughout your being. Your general manager knows that to be a success you must look like one. It will make you more alert; it will put a spring in your step; it will put a look of determination in your eye; it will put an expression in your voice which rings of success. Most important of all, your general manager will direct your thinking and actions so that you will be guided to do the things which will make you a success.

Isn't it hard to believe that you have been going through life the hard way; wishing for things without realizing that through the correct use of your subconscious mind you do not have to wish! You now know that you have it within your power to make your dreams come true, by simply commanding your subconscious mind correctly you can have, and be, all that you desire.

Be Blessed

Ralston Heath recently retired from 25 years of active duty. Now that his life is his own again, he is working to share with the world all he knows. Check him out on his blog True Happiness


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The Amazing Subconscious Mind
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