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How To Stop Blushing With This Essential Secret


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After suffering facial redness, excessive blushing and anxiety for the best years of my life I decided that I would not let it stop me enjoying the remaining years of my life.

That was 3 years ago now. . .

Today, my life is a different picture. No longer do I fear eating in restaurants, talking to large groups at parties or doing that dreaded presentation at work.

No longer do I feel as though I can't attend an interview for a job that is perfect for me. I have the ability to make new friends, enjoy all aspects of my life that I didn't know was available, and ultimately reap the financial and personal joys of being free from that crippling problem called excessive blushing.

But I appreciate that many other people NEVER reach this wonderful state. It really saddens me, as I see their misery from being unable to know how to stop blushing, or at least knowing how to accept it.

So, after receiving many emails from people who ask me how I overcame my blushing problem and how they can too, I decided to write some articles online to begin helping others. (Of course, there are techniques that can't be summed up in one small article like this, but if you are reading this and you would like to know how to stop blushing and take control of your life, then you are in the right place. . . )

To begin with, there is one fundamental starting block you need to set yourself up on if you are to stand any chance of recovering from your blushing problem.

Face the problem head on

I know this sounds like an obvious thing to say, but it's true. Let me explain. . . When I was 19 years old (9 years ago), my blushing became a serious problem and began to really take hold of me. You see, at that time I was too interested in being “cool" and “independent". I didn't want people to know about my blushing, but sadly, they could see it for themselves. . . I couldn't hide it.

So, I just went through my late teens and early twenties pretending that I didn't notice or care. But that didn't last long, because after a few more years, I ended up quitting jobs and declining dinner invites.

I even went to my doctor and therapists, but EVEN THEN I was too afraid to admit my “real" problem. Instead, I would just say “Yeah, I feel anxious, etc".

If only I would have simply told them the truth. . . "Hi doctor, I can't stop blushing and I feel really uncomfortable about it". But you know why I didn't? Because I feared I would blush!

That's the simple truth here, it's not really blushing itself that is the problem (we all blush, it's a natural bodily function). . . however, the problem behind your blushing problem is exactly the same problem that I was facing too. . . the fear of blushing.

But that is no overnight fix, it takes a system and practice to overcome that aspect, but once you eliminate the fear of blushing, you'll be set for a new life.

So, the path to do this is clear. . . you must confront your blushing problem head on, or it will dwell and build (trust me, it only gets worse when you feed the fear and don't take action. . . I learnt this the painfully hard way).

In order to confront your blushing problem, I am afraid you're going to have to bite the bullet and step outside of your comfort zone. Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous or threatening to you, but it will require you to truly open up about your problem. . . not just to yourself, but to a friend, family member or a professional .

Doing this first, before tackling the actual problem inside yourself, is the secret key to the fast lane. I can't emphasise this enough. . . If you don't tell someone, in detail, what's going on then your problem will automatically manifest itself.

You might think what difference this will make right?

Well first, it puts people in the picture. This means that they will react and respond to you wil empathy, allowing you to relax and pre-justify your sometimes “strange actions". Once people know what the deal is with you, they will naturally be more supportive .

For example, I decided to simply open up and tell my boss about my problem after I kept having time off work. I spent so many days out the office, that she was obviously starting to take a dim view of me as an employee (even though my performance was great at work!)

But after I explained the situation, it was like “Hey, how are you feeling today? Let me know if you need to get some fresh air at some point ok?"

Now, I can't guarantee your boss will be the same. Some of them are real jerks. But the point is that humans by our very nature are empathetic to others. Its the reason why many people cry in a sad movie, it's the reason some people strike life long friendships from nursery school because they simple went over to a kid who was in the corner looking a bit lost and saying “Hey, i'm lost too. . . let's be bestest friends". . . see how it works?

For that reason, people who are put in the picture about your blushing problem will take your side and support you as much as possible. They just don't like not understanding and being left with half a picture.

By taking this sort of action, that two fundamental changes will occur. . .

Change 1: You will notice the immense amount of pressure is lifted literally overnight. . . knowing that you no longer need to hide or live a false life of excuses, dodging every possible situation. Sure you're still going to blush, but this time you'll have support.

Change 2: You will feel more “normal". By having other people not only know your problem, but understand your problem and what you're going through, this psychologically tells your subconscious mind that you're normal. There's nothing wrong with you, even if you do have a problem that is less common than most people in your group of friends and associates. You see, if someone else validates your problem by understanding it, then you naturally will not feel like you're out there on your own with some weird problem that is impossible to understand.

Sure, they won't be able to know exactly what it's like for you, but your true friends and family are your first steps to a blushing free life. Don't hide from them, embrace them. Because out of all the people in this world, they are the ones that can support you the best. (and don't forget anyone else that has your interests and health as an important issue - yes even you're boss cares. . . even if he/she only wants you to be healthy so that they don't lose you as an employee!)

Build these two steps into your overall action plan to stop blushing sooner rather than later. Because the longer it continues to brainwash your mind, the harder it is to control your daily life and thoughts. So what are you waiting for? Go get a life (back)!

There are many theories for a blushing free life. I can only hope you are not led to the ones that cost you more time, pain and discomfort than the original problem of blushing itself. . .

Instead, I would encourage you to visit and see how you can block out and stop facial blushing for good with my unique system before the spiral goes too far. (Plus you can still grab over 7 special extra tools to fast track your success. . hurry, it won't be there for ever!)


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