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Top Ten Fears and How To Overcome Them

Pete Connelly

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Listed below are some of the common fears people face today, they are not listed in any particular order, although I will call them the Top Ten Fears.

1. Fear of Failure

This is wide spread and can stop people from even getting started, the cure is action. Going into action produces results, not always the results you want but in producing results you was able to feel that you are not failing.

2. Fear of Rejection.

One at the top of the list for lots of people, Rejection, we all dread it, have to face it sometimes in life even if it's just a rejection of our ideas. Again keeping going will carry you forward with this one.

3. Fear of Public Speaking

Some say this is No 1 with lots of people, simple action step again here join a speakers club where you will be encouraged and mentored

4. Fear of Criticism

When ever you step out you, try to make a mark chance is you will be criticised, for you to progress grow a thicker skin. Accept that others are entitled to their opinion.

5. Fear of what others think

People will think what they think and there is nothing we can do about it. One question, how do we know what they are thinking?

6. Fear of being Alone

Real one this, you can join a club, a class, a voluntary organization they are out their for all ages.

7. Fear of Financial Collapse

In the present climate all the sub prime talk and failing banks I have to say focus on your own financers not getting to hung up on the media and there coverage.

8. Fear of Failing Health

Again a big one, no sweeping statement to cover this one, most people try to address this when it becomes critical try addressing it on a daily basis, all things in moderation.

9. Fear of Success

Again some people never get started because they fear success and what they think will be expected of them, in reality success is a lot of simple principles practiced on a daily basis.

10. Fear of Death.

Well lets face it there is no overcoming death, you cant get out of life alive, however trying to enjoy the day can take you away from morbid thoughts of our inevitable destination.

These may not tie in with your idea of the Top Ten Fears and how to overcome them but having stepped out and left myself open for criticism

I will try not to worry too much.

Peter is a leading motivational speaker and inspirational trainer.

His success is built on using 25 years of deep rooted fears and failures as stepping stones on a Journey from fear to faith which produced great results. . . . Today his deep passion and purpose is in helping others see themselves bigger than their current circumstances.

His website is a valuable resource to overcome fear and move forward with possibility thinking

Peter currently has a free download of the highly successful Think And Grow Rich available for a limited time

Grab your copy today while its still free


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