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Improve Self Confidence - 10 Powerful Confidence Boosters

Jeff Smith

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If there is one underlying factor that prevents us from having the friends we want, getting the things we wish, attracting the partners we desire, impressing our peers, or achieving fulfillment and happiness it is low self-confidence.

It doesn't matter who you are, how successful you have been, we all have situations or times in our lives where we don't feel as confident or sure of ourselves. Sometimes we don't even fully realize it, but we get nervous, become quiet, or don't appear as strong and assured as we would like, for those times we have these 10 techniques to improve self confidence.

1. To improve self confidence, realize that you are not alone in your feelings of uncertainty. A good deal of low self confidence is directly related to irrational beliefs we have that others around us are somehow immortal and do not suffer from the same uncertainties we do. Begin with the understanding that we all experience lapses in our self confidence and that nobody else is 100% self assured.

2. When you hit a low point in your self confidence you often are worried about what other people will think. Who wants to look like a fool in front of someone they feel is very important? To counter this feeling, convince yourself that everyone else who you think is judging your every action and word is probably more messed up than you are! Seriously, we tend to drastically overestimate the importance and intelligence of other people. By thinking of others as mere mortals we can improve self confidence quickly.

3. Become smarter in the field you intend to play. A very good way to improve self confidence is to learn more than the others you want to impress, attract or interact with. Gaining specialized knowledge is a super way to lessen intimidation and increase overall self esteem.

4. Focus on what you are good at. When you see people that appear at the top of their game, completely self assured they often appear that way because they are extremely confident in certain areas of their lives and they stick to those areas. If you are stuck in a job where you have little skill and even less ambition, then yes, you will continually have low self confidence because you are not playing to an area of strength.

5. Have a purpose that drives you, gives your life meaning and offsets your uncertainty is one of the best ways to improve self confidence. Just like it is hard to laugh and cry at the same time, it's hard to be focused and on-purpose yet still have low self confidence.

6. Fake it until you make it. One of the most valuable courses I ever took in school was dramatic arts. That's right, learning to act. From that point on I knew that in situations where I had low self confidence at least I could fall back on “acting" my way out until I could improve self confidence.

7. Use visualizations to improve self confidence by running through positive scenarios in your mind just before or during periods where your self esteem is challenged. When your visualizations are positive enough and real enough you can make massive advances in your self confidence levels.

8. In times when you are not at your best, where your confidence is challenged, power your way through it. The worst thing you can do is give in to your fears as that just leads to even lower self esteem the next time around.

9. Pay attention to your inner dialog stopping yourself whenever you are turning negative or self-defeating thoughts over in your head. By substituting positive visualizations for negative self-talk you can instantly improve self confidence.

10. Get involved in activities that help build inner strength and improve self confidence. A good example is martial arts. With its focus on discipline, inner awareness and strength you can break through many of the personal limitations that were previously holding you back.

There are ways you can immediately improve self confidence in your life taking you to amazing levels of achievement, fulfillment and joy so stop suffering, take control and let your true potential finally shine through for all the world to see.

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Self Confidence - 3 Effective Steps Towards Healthy Self-Confidence!
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