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Healing and Transforming Any Problem - The Top 10 Secrets

Marilyn B Gordon

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Here are ten secrets for handling fears and negative thoughts, relationships, sadness, anger, stress, losses, self-deprecation-everything that you perceive to limit you-and experiencing huge shifts in well-being, health, work, relationships, and spiritual growth. By releasing your obstacles (and we'll show you how), you can experience love, wisdom, compassion, and peace and find new knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

1. First identify your issue and pay close attention to what it looks and feels like.

One of the greatest ways to transform anything in your life is first to explore and experience what's taking place, especially what's taking place within you. The art of observation can work miracles.

2. Then describe it to yourself in as much detail as possible.

The act of describing has great power. As you focus on it, you can transform it. You don't dwell on it or become mired in it. You just take the opportunity to pay attention.

3. Next find a way that you like to release it.

Some ideas:

* Breathe into it and exhale it out

You can take a long, slow breath in, and you imagine that you're breathing that breath directly into your experience of your issue. Your experience might be a pain or a difficult thought or a deep old wound. Breathe into it and exhale it out.

* Ask yourself if you're ready to release it, and then do it in any way you like.

Sometimes you can do it vocally; sometimes you do it energetically.

Sometimes the release is visual

* Imagine the problem floating upward as you release it.

Let it move to a space beyond you so that you don't have to carry it so heavily within.

4. Make a connection with the solution: the expanded state of consciousness.

The “cure" here is to reconnect with the Force, the Eternal Energy, God, and All That Is. You can do this with an affirmation (such as “I AM the power of the universe. ") or you can invite the great energy of the universe to make itself available to you.

5. Ask your Wise Mind to tell you something about this problem.

The question that activates the Wise Mind is, “What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" The Wise Mind is a part of the superconscious, and everyone has the capacity to experience it when the conscious mind becomes quiet

6. Stand back from it and transform your perspective.

No matter what issues are taking place in your life, it's how you perceive them that matters. Witness consciousness is a profound state for healing and transformation. It can be called “cosmic vision" or “standing back, " and it is a powerful state.

7. Connect with a state of love.

You can open your ability to experience love by healing your experience of separation and making a connection with the powerful force field in which love is all-pervading.

8. Imagine yourself as you'd like to be.

As you release and transform what was, you reclaim power. By imagining yourself as you'd like to be, you send out a broadcast of what you'd like for your life in the outer, visible, tangible world. You experience this plan in its finished form-an act of sending out to the universe a powerful message about your next step.

9. Create a transformed interpretation of your life.

Take a different point of view toward something that has taken place in your life and tell a story about it. Instead of telling yourself how difficult it was, tell the story as if it were an opportunity for growth and transformation.

10 Live in your new truth.

This is the place in which you “just go do it, " and you enter a new level of living that is free from the imitations of the past.

This process of transformation can lead you from confusion to clarity, from turmoil to peace. There are transformed ways of looking at your life and other approaches to reaching higher states of consciousness. This transformational process is a natural one. After the rain, the dust of the city is cleaned away. The air is fresh, and you may perceive a kind of purity in the atmosphere. In the “10 Secrets, " you create this transformation for your life.

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You can also subscribe to our wonderful free monthly newsletter, “The Transformation News. " Marilyn Gordon is a board certified hypnotherapist, teacher, speaker, healer, school director, and author with over thirty years of experience. Her latest book is The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing. Read more about hypnotherapy at


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