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Assuming Authority Over Self

Paul Mobley

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Mention authority and immediately coming to mind is foremen, supervisors, managers, and others who do have authority vested in them. But notice that these titles identify men and women who have authority over others.

Looking at those titles the assumption is made that they also rule self, that they are in control of self. And most do have that control, and it is evidenced by the person they are, and by their performance. When one of these lack that self-rule it shows in poor performance.

Therefore if one hopes to succeed in life and in a career each must first assume authority over self. It is a prerequisite to success in one's personal life and in any career.

So what are some traits of the person who practices authority over self.

1. Wishy-washy. In whatever area of life the person who responds to celebrities merely because they are a celebrity, to anyone in fact for any reason other than proving them first, they are what is rightly called being “wishy-washy. " Their life efforts change “with the wind" and they are unstable as a result. Other people like those with purpose in life, and who pursue it, people who are in control of self. .

2. The elitist. These are people who belong to a special group, and have let it “go to their head. " They tend to be overly proud, selfish, and reject anyone who does not belong to that particular group. Blinded by self they fail to see that down the street is a group that is probably better than them. They fail to see that the truly great person, the good person, is unselfish, is not snooty, can and does meet all people on an equal basis, and who are ready to help any person. No one is beneath them.

3. Say no. Unfortunately the word “no" is one of the least used words in the English language. And those who fail to use it wisely pay for it. Teenagers get lured into drinking and driving, into illegal drugs, into unhealthy and unwarranted sex, and even into theft. Adults become alcoholics because they could not say no, into gambling their income, into affairs with the opposite sex, and into falling for fraud and scams practiced on them. And they have no one to blame but themselves. It is not what society says, nor what peer groups may say, but it is facts and their truths that should govern all behavior. Those who have assumed authority over self, with respect for self, and have learned to say “no. "

4. Learning. Each of us learns something new weekly if not daily. It may be thrust on us by news programs, or by an event in the community where one lives, and even by daily activities. Yet taking control of learning, by choosing what is the most important information we need, by purposely following planned gains in knowledge, learning is often ignored or refused. One of the very first, a basic need, for anyone assuming authority over self, is that of improving knowledge through planned and casual means. If one is to practice authority over self one should assure them self that they have and are pursuing the best knowledge available for self.

5. The nay-sayers. Nay-sayers are found in one's family, among fellow employees, among friends and peers. My companion in life, my partner in life, my wife and I, decided after considered exploration to change our lifestyle. Immediately a next door neighbor, and a fellow employee, said, “you can't do that. " So I asked them why, and their answer was “you just can't do that" meaning that I cannot be different than them. No answer in other words. That may be what one is confronted with when they are in control of their life. It may require the courage to follow what is best. If what one does decide is constructive, and beneficial, toward a better life for self and those close to them, then it is a good plan and action, and there is no reason not to follow it.

6. It is your life. One can choose to follow others, to be like those about them, and that may work out fine. But is there something better for you waiting your action ? Don't you deserve the best that you can be, and its rewards? Surely it is so. Don't be overawed by change, or improvement. It is your life.

7. You are what you think, and do. Whether you follow along with others or not, and whatever that gets you into good or bad, it is the result of your thinking. For you make the decisions. Instead of merely following along why not take control of your thinking, then make good decisions and assume the authority and responsibility for following them. As said earlier, it is your life. You are the one responsible for its good and bad. You are the one who assumes authority over self, and who will be held responsible for it, whatever your life is. Practice that authority and travel the road that is best for you.

We cannot blame others for our condition in life. We make the choices along the way. We are ultimately responsible for self. And each person can assume authority over self, and follow the best route provided by facts and truth.

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