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How To Move Things With Your Mind


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How to move things with your mind? This may seem like a question which many may tend to associate, to the likes of great magicians such as David Copperfield. However, the truth is that we too can be able to move things with just the power of our minds. Of course, some clarification must be made here as what is being referred to in this case is the ability to create success in our lives with the power of our minds. Unknown to most people out there is the power of the human mind, which can be in fact, instrumental to shaping success in our lives.

Essentially, the human mind can be divided into both the conscious and subconscious mind. The ability to move things with our minds essentially stems from training the subconscious mind and aligning it towards our success.

The first way for us to train our minds to move things would be make every day of our lives count. To do that, it is necessary for us to live each day with objectives in mind. Make a list of things you want to achieve by the end of each day everyday when you wake up. This would allow you to have greater purpose in your life each day. This list can comprise of tasks of any nature around you. These can include your work, family or personal leisure goals. The trick here is not to assess how much work you complete by the end of each day, but to keep you focused on the task at hand, and for you to be sure of what you would like to achieve by the end of each day.

Subsequently, start to introduce positive affirmations into your life. Perhaps, you might have been one of the most infamous whiners of the 20th century, complaining about everything that goes wrong and filling the air full of negativity. It is time to make the break from this. Develop positive affirmations by adopting a positive “can-do" attitude in anything you do. Affirm that you have the capability to get a tough job done. Affirm that you have the ability to get a promotion and a pay rise. Affirm that you have the ability to be successful in life. But don't stop there. Should things not go your way, respond with positive affirmations too. Adopt a forward looking approach by thinking about what you can learn from a failure, rather than lament about the failure itself. This is important to success as when your subconscious mind is aligned towards success, your conscious mind and subsequently your actions will be aligned towards success.

Lastly, create appositive work environment. An ideal work environment should have as little distractions as possible and should consist of positive-minded people working together. Our subconscious mind is easily affected by the environment. A cluttered work environment staffed with negative-minded people would often tend to confuse our subconscious and condition it for the worse. This would in turn lead to actions causing failure and an inability to make things move smoothly.

To conclude, our ability to move things with our mind is closely linked to our subconscious and the environment we are in. Given such, it is important for both of these to be healthy in order for us to achieve greater success in whatever we do in life.

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