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3 Basic Steps To Attain Financial Freedom


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For a lot of people financial freedom is nothing but a term without any experience to it. It is always the others who attain to financial freedom. We tend to remain in our well-known footsteps which we repeat day in day out. But we have hope, much hope that someday in the far future something immensely life changing will happen that will make us rich. We are patiently waiting and we are prepared. Our minds often ponder about how this is going to feel, more money in the bank than we actually need to pay our bills and more money pouring in every day and piling up so that we have to think about ways to either store or invest it in a smart manner.

Achieving financial freedom has few main aspects to it. Most of us are very well skilled in the first one: dreaming about it as if it were something to be attained in the far future while repeating our everyday life tasks and actions like the day before. Big dreams are the first step in changing your life. They are of vital importance. Without dreams there is no fuel, no motivation for a change.

These dreams should be as realistic as possible. If you dream of a beautiful house in the neighborhood that is for sale: go ahead and take a picture of it and pin it on the message board above your desk. Seeing it every day will make your dream more realistic. The dream slowly becomes an intention which motivates you to take action. This is the core point. The dream in your head has to become so realistic that you are forced to act on it. Otherwise you are to remain but a dreamer captured in the so vividly described rat-race.

When the dream has become an intention the next step is to break it into steps of action. The secret here is a very practical one: most people just think of riches in general terms, just vague and the “I can´t do it anyway" is part of the dream. If you could convince your mind just one minute to believe that it is possible, the experience will be totally different. The fear of success prevents many of us to dream “realistic dreams".

And there are no excuses. We are all created equal with the same unlimited potential. The limitations we live in are self-made and can be changed. Our minds have got accustomed to certain ways of thinking which we hold on to because we were told to do so, and we have accepted these belief systems as our own. If you want to change your life, start with your mind. Take a look at your belief systems and you will find the exact blueprint of how life is giving to you what you think.

Just one example to make it clear: A person who is deeply convinced that “I will never find a partner I can be happy with", will never find one. The change in life that is necessary can´t be found in the world, in the outside. The first step to take is to look at ourselves and change our way of thinking about us and the world. As soon as this process begins and you take responsibility for your life, it will reward you in many ways.

In my opinion and my experience this little step is of vital importance before financial freedom can be yours. Financial freedom without an inner personal development process is not possible. Success University offers a personal training program where you can choose from nine categories of elective courses including:

-Personal Development




-Network Marketing

-Internet Marketing


-Real Estate


Every member at Success University can study at his own pace, set his own goals and timelines. I would encourage you to give yourself a chance and take the first step. It is the hardest step, I know, I´ve been there. After the first step of you opening up to new learning and new potentials everything else happens on its own accord.

The author Ingrid Grzeskowiak works full-time from home with her Home Based Business Start up Ideas website. She has a special passion for self-improvement and personal development


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Financial Freedom - How To Change Your Thinking And Achieve Financial Success
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