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Keys to Personal Success - 7 Steps to Remove Obstacles


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We all know how it feels to be absorbed in an activity, to breeze forward effortlessly in a happy, creative hum. Such freedom!

Why are there times when that joy of being, that ease of momentum, seem so frozen? What blocks our access to our ‘juice?'

What can we do to get at the ‘fuel’ for creating what we REALLY want in our lives?

Being stuck is quite normal. I want to give you a 7-step process to help you get unstuck. This simple formula provides an effective way for you to move, step by step, through obstacles and progress forward with clarity and peace. It is self-caring, self-compassionate, and has been proven successful over and over again.

1. Be Still. Go to a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes. Have a pen and paper ready at your side. Soften and close your eyes, relax your forehead, jaw, shoulders and whole body, and take some deep, easy, long breaths. Let your out-breaths fall out naturally and easily, like a river. Allow your body, mind and heart to relax into deepening peace and acceptance. Allow any other feelings to just be there. You can access a complementary, effective, heart-softening meditation through the resource box below.

2. Watch. Become aware of your inner state, observing and accepting it for what it is. Awareness and acceptance are the first steps on the path toward re-empowerment and change. Ask yourself ‘What am I feeling?’ Watch and feel and listen inside.

3. Judge Not. Maintain an attitude of acceptance and compassion. Love yourself the same as you would a beloved child. Remember that no one is perfect. This acceptance and compassion will soften the resistance and make it easier for you to understand and then resolve or move through blocks.

4. Ask. Breathe and relax into the feelings. Ask yourself, ‘What is this about? What's going on?’ If you wish to go deeper, you can ask more questions such as: ‘Why do I feel this way?’ or ‘Where did this come from?'

5. Write. Open your eyes, and write down any insights or answers that come to you.

6. Ask again. Close your eyes, and again allow your body, mind and heart to relax into deepening peace and acceptance. Then ask, ‘What is the best way forward - what is the best thing for me to do right now to clear, heal or move through this?'

7. Act. What can you do right now? Just do it! And, to generate positive continuing momentum, plan at least one specific action that you can take in the next few days and ADD IT TO YOUR CALENDAR.

The type of action might be: deeper acceptance; research; finding the positive in the situation and focusing on that; forgiving yourself; communicating with someone; getting professional advice; or reprogramming your mind with daily focus on positive thoughts.

Consistent practice of any of these steps will help you remove blocks, change past patterns and move forward. Remember how good those moments of freedom feel, and know that you can access all the energy, creativity and positive focus you need to create more success and fulfillment in your life.

Duane Light is a Success and Life Fulfillment Coach. His passion is to help his clients quickly reach significant goals that are aligned with their life purpose, and enjoy the journey along the way. You can enjoy a free meditation and find out more about clearing emotions and accelerating your life purpose at


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Business Success - Overcoming Obstacles
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