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The Release Technique - Does it Work?


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Almost everyone that I know has some type of stress in their daily lives and want to be able to rid themselves of it. Beyond that, most people I know also want to be happier, more successful, and lead a healthier life. Those of us that seek to improve our lives for the better have purchased countless books, courses and even paid very good money to go to seminars to learn these things. . . I know I have.

Those of us searching for that something that will help us master our lives seem to do so on an almost daily basis. Maybe that next book we pick up on amazon will hold the key that we've been missing our entire lives to help us actually be happier and have more control of our life situations. There are so many paths that promise us all of these things that it can get quite overwhelming and darn right frustrating because in the end nothing has really worked as it claimed up until now.

So when I got a brochure in the mail about the Release Technique, (aka the Abundance Course) it of course piqued my interest to say the least. Of course I get a ton of mail like most people and it wasn't until maybe the sixth brochure that I received from this company and it's promoter Larry Crane that I finally put up the money to buy the course. . . it's not exactly cheap.

But I figured I could return it if I was not happy as promised and if what the abundance course claimed it could do for you was even a quarter true I would be happy with my purchase. So it seems the release technique claims to be the ultimate secret to becoming a millionaire, have financial freedom, health and happiness. Bold claims to say the least as well as a seemingly one stop shop to solve all of life's problems. No wonder people are skeptical.

All the more reason though that I had to finally purchase it, I'm too curious for my own good sometimes. Well when I finally received it and opened it, I received ten CD's, five bonus CD's and an abundance course workbook. So I began to use it on the first day listening to first few CD's. What impressed me the most at first is that the release technique is based entirely on an experiential basis, it is not intellectual by any means, although it is explained in the course in depth how the mind and subconscious mind work.

The release technique claims that in order to have what you want out of life one needs to let go of wanting those things in the first place. Yes this seems very hard to believe but it makes sense if you think about it, you cannot want and have something at the same time. . . you either have it or you want it. It's like trying to sit and stand up at the same time, which is impossible.

I went through all of the 2 session CD's (20 total) which approach using the release technique to every aspect of our mental consciousness that affect the way we live as human beings. In each session you are guided by Larry Crane in which you basically have your own instructor at your beck and call.

The release technique shows you how to effect change at a core feeling level, which is why it can work so quickly if you put it use. You learn to let go of unwanted emotions as they arise and release the negative energy right then and there. It is a completely original and portable technique that you can use anytime, anywhere to eliminate negative and unhealthy feelings and emotions leaving you in a calm and relaxed state. In this state we naturally and effortlessly attract abundance, good energy and radiant health.

The developer of the Release Technique - Lester Levenson discovered it and used it to bring himself back from near death, as doctors had sent him home to die with only a few months to live. He realized that we are all looking for the same thing - we just want to be happy all the time and that this is our inherent nature. Unfortunately we cover up this happiness with our negative feelings. As he began to release all of his negative, unwanted feelings more and more he found himself feeling better and better.

Within about three months through using just the technique, he was not only completely healthy, but he reached a state of imperturbability, where nothing bothered him. He became completely happy, healthy and abundant in all aspects of his life effortlessly. He called it his butt system, where you effortlessly attract abundance to you by sitting on your butt and releasing. Lester was also a self-made millionaire.

So has the abundance course (release technique) worked for me? Well it's been over ten months since I purchased the course and I still use the release technique everyday. Using the release technique takes some practice at first, but it's almost like exercising a muscle. . . the more you do it the more effective and second nature it becomes. As this happens, the quicker you see amazing results and positive changes in your everyday life.

I will be honest, I am not a millionaire yet, but I now do something I love for a living on my own terms and my life has become more comfortable and peaceful. My mind has become quieter and I no longer have my old emotional knee jerk reactions to certain situations and people. I no longer procrastinate or worry if you can believe that.

Above all I feel a stronger connection to others and I feel more loving as a human being which I believe really is what makes the biggest difference in my life and which really is the key to happiness and freedom. The release technique is the ultimate tool in my experience to bring abundance and clarity to all aspects of your life.

Please visit to learn more about the release technique and my personal experience with it.


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