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The Three Most Powerful Body Language Techniques to Make You Become More Interesting


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Interesting and successful people know how to utilize their bodies to the most excellent effect. You can tell the difference from the way they stand, the way they walk, the smiles on their faces, and the way they move their bodies. All their chosen gestures have been tactfully choreographed to project how they want to be perceived, and how they want to exhibit themselves to the world.

The communication rule says 8% of information is from the spoken words, 37% of information is from the how we say the words, and 55% of information is from the body language. By following this rule, successful people know where to position themselves in relation to other people. They know how to anticipate movements of themselves and others. They know that the gestures they use and how they use them will have infinitely more of an impact than the words they say. You can tell just by the way they move that all their actions and gestures already have meaning and purpose to them.

Body language does indeed play a very big and important role in communication. By having the ability to use this powerful non-verbal communication effectively, you can have full control in creating any image and determine how the perception should be perceived by other people. For example, let's say if you desire to appear attractive, your body language will naturally communicate that message to everyone. In the contrary, if you decide to display laziness, boredom, or unattractive, then your body language will adjust accordingly and others will start to notice you as lazy, bored and unattractive. Your body language really do possess the power to communicate and influence the perception and image you want.

You can actually create any attitude you want and make it your own by taking up the required gestures, postures, and positions. Positive body language will project strength, vibrant, eagerness, and enthusiasm. In the opposite, dullness, weakness, fragileness, and disconnectedness will be communicated through negative body language. Depending on the situation and circumstances, sometimes you may want to project one image over another. In our case will be how to become more interesting.

What you are about to read will be the three most powerful body language techniques that will immediately make you more interesting, promptly enhance your attractiveness, make you more accessible, and instantly boosting your confidence and self-esteem to a higher level like never before:

The Rising Up Posture

Having an exceptionally outstanding posture sends a strong signal to everyone around you that you are someone who is interesting and captivating. Everyone will take notice and identify you as not an average person. Looking at the man to woman's context, a woman generally will conceive whether a guy is interesting or not by observing the way they stand and walk. The guy that exhibits the prominent posture will standout and dominate her consciousness as the one she's interested in.

This is named as the rising up posture for a few reasons. Most often successful people will know how to use their current assets better than the unsuccessful ones. Now just by acknowledging that everybody has a posture with the possibility of becoming a great asset, you can now rise up to a higher level or status by using your posture to your advantage. Rising up by using one of your greatest assets, your posture.

Most of the time, a great posture will be recognized as being tall. The rising up posture will be like those tall skyscrapers in the city. Well, it doesn't necessarily means that you need to have the height of a basketball player to obtain a good posture. The value here is about raising yourself higher and directing your posture to your level best, and improving more and more along the way.

There are a few great techniques around that you can apply to develop your posture, and this following one here is the technique I've experienced so far to be the best:

* The first thing you need to do is use your normal posture and stand up with your back touching a wall.

* If you have a full-length mirror, look in the mirror and see the position you're in. Experience the feeling of this current position.

* You will notice how your head is tilted forward, your neck arched in the same direction, and your shoulder blades hunched and reclined uncomfortably against the wall.

* Now adjust that posture to what will be your rising up posture by raising your head to touch against the wall, and level your shoulder blades flat against the wall.

* You'll need to push your shoulders backwards in order for the shoulder blades to be flat against the wall. You may feel slightly constrained, just take a deep breath and slowly stretch your posture into a taller position.

This will be how we define as the rising up posture. Your head is held high and up, your neck is straight, your shoulders and back straight from the spine up. Now get up, go to the nearest wall, give this great technique a go and experience for yourself the rising up posture before we move on to the next interesting part.

The Kindle Heartfelt Smile

Someone who smiles a lot tends to enjoy a more positive effect on others than a person who is always serious or frowning. Smiling is probably one of the most important components of body language we possess. As most of us already know the strong influence of a good genuine smile, but many still wonder exactly how it is correctly done.

While they are people who can light up your heart with a genuine beautiful smile, there are also others who produce an uncomfortable sensation in you with their smiles. The latter one is what we deemed as the false and miserable smile which is exactly what you do not want to be associated with.

A false smile is usually more asymmetrical than a genuine smile, and it lasts longer than the real variety. This type of smile originates from the person who's smiling not genuinely feeling happy or excited towards the other person they are with. For you to avoid displaying this type of smile, you'll need to stimulate your emotions by building the right emotions inside, and then gradually expressing the same emotions on the outside.

By bringing your cheery emotions from the inside to the outside, the warmth of your kindle heartfelt smile will slowly begin to rise higher and higher. This kindle heartfelt smile will just be exactly like a spark igniting a small flame and then slowly warm up and brighten up the surrounding area. Begin this by maintaining eye contact with someone for two seconds, after that fire up your smile gradually by starting with a little smile, and then slowly amplify it over three seconds until it becomes a broad smile. It'll take a total of five seconds from your initial eye contact to your broadest smile.

The kindle heartfelt smile will always appear sincere and genuine because you do not simply toss on a smile out from nowhere upon eye contact with another person. What you really do here is you wait a couple of seconds, and then begin smiling, followed by broadening your smile gradually over a few more seconds for the full effect. It'll bring greater results by practicing your smiles more in front of a mirror. The more you smile from the heart, the more natural it'll become to you. A kindle heartfelt smile will truly brighten up the surroundings, lighten up the atmosphere, and guarantee to make you an interesting person without speaking a word. The best part is that it's also fun and wonderful to do.

The Bedroom Alluring Eyes

Knowing how to use excellent eye contact is by far the most powerful and quickest route to upsurge your attraction, and mesmerizing the opposite sex into falling head over heels for you. The body language signals from your eye contact will indicate to the other person that you are special, interesting and out of the ordinary.

The technique primarily begins with increasing more eye contact with the people who you want to appear more interesting to. It is very important that during those first few moments of eye contact that we are able to form a strong impression. What you'll need to focus on here is to always look at the person a little bit longer in comparison to the amount of time you normally take to look away. As you're looking away, imagine your eyes peeling off the person like an adhesive sticker being removed from its base surface. Keep maintaining eye contact for a little while longer and then only peel your eyes off the person as you turn. Bear in mind that the intensity of this technique varies depending on the person and situation at that time.

Occasionally, a much stronger eye contact will be created through interactions between women to women and women to men compared with men to men. Strong eye contact is one of the attributes of closeness and intimacy, and they are exactly the feelings women want to experience when they're communicating with others. You can easily tell just by looking at the amount of time they spend on the phone. Just a few events from a single day can become topics to chat about for hours and ongoing. Now when it comes to a phone call between a man to a man, it'll normally be over in about a minute or two as their conversation will be more objective based.

During a conversation with a woman, the intimacy level of the interaction will be greatly intensified when strong eye contact is initiated. Even as a normal friend, colleague, or a potential partner, they will instantly find you more interesting and likable and become more drawn to you. In applying the bedroom alluring eyes technique, always remember to make eye contact for a little bit longer before you look and turn away when you're facing the woman you want to appear more interesting to.

If you're a guy interacting with another guy, you'll need to avoid using strong eye contact. Overly strong eye contact with another guy will just come off as staring and often this will be indicated as an aggressive behavior. The guy's natural reaction towards this gesture is just the same as how women experience intimacy in their conversations. So in this case, for a guy interacting with another guy, you just need to only make eye contact about 70% of the time. The surprising part is that you can still use the peeling off visualization technique on another guy and come off as showing you as an interesting person.

Practice makes perfect, the more you practice, the more effective your skills will be, and the more natural it'll become to you. At any time, always remember to take into account the culture, environment, situation, and the person you're interacting with when putting these skills to use.

Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. Truly attractive people are those who are true to themselves. People who like people are automatically likable and attractive, for they invoke this genuine feeling in their families, friends and lovers, all of whom will feel more special as a result. Forget about yourself, open your heart, mind and body to the moment, and the moment will be yours.

Hope you enjoyed reading and gotten a lot from this article. Now come and find out how you can use your own body language to effectively enhance your life in a positive way by visiting the links here.

Did you know that just by knowing and applying these body language secrets, you can easily boost up your social and working life tremendously. You will also develop all the skills to have complete power and full control in any situation , thus giving you a very big edge over others.

It's now time for you to open up to success, let your body speak up for you, and change your life for the better.


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