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Avoid Suffering and Be Successful in All Fields

Christina Sponias

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Whenever you suffer for some reason, never think that this suffering is unfair. Since you are a human being, you inherited a wild content inside your brain and psyche and you must transform it into a positive part of your human side.

Many times this can be achieved only after suffering, because you are not a good student and you don't learn anything from the deceptions in your life.

If you want to avoid suffering, you must prevent it by passing though psychotherapy with dream interpretation according to the scientific method, before the wild content dominates the human side of your brain.

This is possible, since you enter inside your psyche when you analyse your dreams. You enter also into another dimension of reality. You learn not only what belongs to your personal life: you learn also about other people's lives and personalities, and about the world where you live.

So, if you want to avoid having to pass through too much suffering in life, you have to transform the wild side to human, before it has the chance to attack you and provoke various problems in your life, and before it starts distorting your behavior.

Translating the meaning of your dreams, you will see in front of you everything that is provoking you all the problems you face in your daily life and also all the problems in your health.

This is like an exam where you can see all the parts of your body, thanks to various tools. You enter inside your body, by seeing the X-ray, which shows you that one of your bones is broken, for example.

Thanks to this knowledge, you can be properly treated.

Exactly the same happens when you examine your dreams: you see what is broken inside your psyche, what has to be treated and corrected, so that you may acquire mental health and keep it for life.

If you are mentally healthy, you don't make the mistakes that provoke the suffering of your daily life, even though you cannot see the relationship which exists between your suffering and your previous actions.

If you are confused and you constantly make mistakes in life, you can only suffer later with their bitter consequences, and then feel depressed.

If you translate your dreams however, you can clearly see all your mistakes and how to correct them, besides being able to see also what is happening with the others and in the entire world. So, you stop imagining things and you see them how they really are.

Therefore, you stop having doubts and fears; you can easily recognize everything: what is good and what is bad, what is safe and what is dangerous, what is ignored and what is known, and so on.

This is how you'll be able to really avoid suffering, and this is why you'll always be successful in all fields!

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.
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