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Ring Your Own Freedom Bell


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Who doesn't want more freedom? Aside from love and money, freedom has to be the undisputed winner when it comes to wanting more of what you don't have. Think about it. . . what does that exotic one-week vacation, those two “golden" days at the end of the week, dining out, or a travel inn bring you? A promise of freedom. A glimmer. A glimpse. Something to hold you over until you come to that next much-anticipated event that will make you feel free.

The problem is freedom can't be found in faraway places; it can't be penciled in at the end of your weekly calendar; or discovered at a restaurant or in a travel lodge. Freedom is simply a feeling that you feel, and you can have it any time of any day. But why don't we? Why do we spend so much of our lives waiting for something. . . anything to make us feel free?

Have you ever noticed that profound wisdom often comes packaged in the familiar when you look at it in unconventional ways? Case in point is the phrase, “Let freedom ring. " Being a U. S. citizen, for me that phrase is associated with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Liberty Bell, a symbol of independence (freedom) in the United States. From a figurative viewpoint, however, “Let freedom ring. " suggests to me that freedom actually rings, resonates or vibrates in our being. Like a pebble thrown into a pond, freedom ripples and expands outward in direct proportion to the object-or thought-that created it.

But how do you remember to think the thought? I have often been blown away by a wonderful book, seminar or CD that presented positive, life-changing principles that I wanted to implement in my life. But, unfortunately, sometimes within a week, or surely after a month had passed, so had my commitment and I actually forgot to apply the procedures that had so inspired me.

That is why I have created “free-minders" to help me be cognizant of and really feel the freedom that is already mine. A free-minder is a tool that gently reminds you to feel free. How? By taking you to that place of well-being in your mind that recognizes that freedom is an inside job. For example, if an island getaway is a symbol of freedom for you, put a seashell on your desk at work as a free-minder. You can also use a bottle of suntan lotion (The clean, fresh scent will quickly take you there, too, wherever you are). A small potted palm tree or a bottle of white sand would be good free-minders in this case, too. Or if gardening spells freedom for you, free-minders could be packets of seeds, essential oils or fragrant flowery perfumes. Favorite songs, pictures, quotes and affirmations are fantastic free-minders, as well. The gist of this is that real freedom is a state of mind not a physical destination, be it person, place or thing.

But how can you live your life, work your job, feed the kids or run a company while you are constantly focusing on free-minders? Remember the pebble in the pond? The ripples-or vibrations-that expand out from the drop point last a long, long time. So does the residual feeling of freedom that free-minders spark in you. Be open and apply the process and soon you will be feeling totally relaxed, peaceful, at ease, free, on a continual basis.

No matter whether it is a diminutive ting-a-ling, a hearty ring-a-ding or a resounding, bodacious bong, let freedom ring in your life and your heart every minute of every day!

Mary Jo Shaffer is a freelance writer who lives and works in a small town in Ohio. She is also part owner of Heart Projects, LLC, a company that offers products that help people manifest the life of their dreams! Visit Heart Projects’ website at


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