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Brain Fitness Why Trying to Improve Your Memory is the Quickest Way to Memory Failure

Linda Schaumleffel

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How many people do you know swear by crossword puzzles and word games? They spend hours a day doing it? Maybe you love crosswords so much you have even advanced to online versions.
The newspaper today told about Anna Sinclair who keeps up to 28 different games of Scrabulous going with friends world wide at the same time.   These people think they are doing their brains a great service.  They believe they are building a hedge against dementia!
Well, I don't mean to shock you. . . but not only are long hours of word games detrimental to great brain function, doing hours of word puzzles sets your brain up for failure.  
"But come on! If I remember those words to fill in the spaces each day, won't that be good for my memory?" Yes, you will get good at remembering those words. However, the brain has thousands of functions.
First, the problem arises when word games is ALL you do.  If you believe that word games is ALL you need to keep your brain fit, you are short changing yourself.  There is a huge potential that you are not even considering.

And second, when you spend all your time at word games, you have no time to spend on the hundreds of other activities that are EVEN BETTER for your brain fitness.
And here's the shock. . . the better you get at word games, the worse you get at other brain functions like, intuition, creativity, coordination, reaction time, and balance.  
After talking with Dr. Norman Doidge, author of best selling book, “The Brain That Changes Itself", I understand why VARIETY is one of the big keys to brain fitness.  A VARIETY of brain fitness activities can bring you more success than you can imagine! In fact, I have found 17 key activities that accelerate brain fitness.  Word puzzles only utilize about a third of the potential you have at your fingertips to improve your brain function and build a hedge against dementia.  
Look. . . I'm all for word puzzles.  I think they're great! Challenging! Uplifting! But I also know from hard experience, if I simple ignore the possible pitfalls of overdoing one activity like crosswords, I am actually inviting in the very catastrophe I want my word games to prevent.

By taking just a few moments and considering the unthinkable, you will gladly embark on a variety filled brain fitness program in a much more confident way.  You will accelerate your brain fitness program, create more success than word games alone can produce, and have much more fun doing it!

Interested in more tips to create powerful brain fitness? You can discover a gold mine of additional resources for improving a faulty memory, healing a head injury, or building a hedge against dementia with the free special report “BRAIN FITNESS: The Top 17 Activities That Will Create a Thriving Brain at Any Age!" It's available at


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