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Brain Fitness 3 Failproof Ultra Easy Steps to Create and Maintain a Healthy Brain For Life!

Linda Schaumleffel

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So you have just made the decision that you want to do everything you can to have a healthy brain.  Congratulations! Unfortunately, now comes your “OhmiGod!" moment.  

  • How do I know what to do?
  • How can I be confident I am doing the right things?
  • How can I fit in more activity, when my life is already full?

These are powerful questions just about every beginner asks themselves.  The good news is, you can save months of dead ends and thousands of dollars in expenses, simply by following these crucial starter steps: 

You know you want  fitness & health to be a  lifetime pursuit, and by taking this simple step-by-step approach you will succeed:
STEP ONE:  Map out the territory.   Know where you are headed.  There are 7 areas you need to consider when starting out to build brain fitness.  

  1. Feed & water your brain.    (Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, 6-8 cups of fresh water daily)
  2. Connect your brain with others, socially.    (Spend time with positive people, make new friends, keep up relationships)
  3. Challenge your brain   (Stay active physically and mentally, always try new things)
  4. Rest your brain    (7-8 hours of quality sleep each night, spend time in quiet, resting or meditating)
  5. Keep your brain free of toxins and chemicals    (Avoid preserved food, alcohol, smoking and drugs.  Wear protective mask and clothes in toxic work)
  6. Protect your brain from injury    (Use seat belt, helmet in sports; remove tripping hazards)
  7. Save your brain by achieving optimum health levels in critical areas    (Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and blood glucose level)

STEP TWO: pick ONE of the above items.  Learn a little bit about it.  Google makes it easy. Ask questions.  FIND ONE OR TWO ACTIONS THAT YOU CAN DO.  
STEP THREE: take the one or two action steps that you have chosen and work them into your daily routine.  Remember, every step, no matter how small, counts! YOUR HABITS CREATE YOUR LIFE!  Adding one or two actions to your lifestyle may not be much to you. Trust me, they add up, just like compound interest!  
When these action steps have become as easy and habitual as eating, bathing, and brushing your teeth, then repeat STEP ONE.
The best thing about starting any endeavor is the tremendous energy and enthusiasm you have.  The danger is, without guidance, you can squander this precious resource, leaving you high and dry, with months frittering down the drain and nothing to show for it.  
Be sure to follow the 3 crucial starter steps I have outlined.  If you do, the speed with which you will notice your first successes may completely surprise you!

Interested in more tips to create powerful brain fitness? You can discover a gold mine of additional resources for improving a faulty memory, healing a head injury, or building a hedge against dementia with the free special report “BRAIN FITNESS: The Top 17 Activities That Will Create a Thriving Brain at Any Age!" It's available at


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