Success Comes from Failure!

Robert Prentice

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Though I hate to admit it, I failed the computer class I took in college. It would seem the only thing I gained from that particular class was a major hatred for computers, and yet, today I would say I have successfully learned to use a computer. In fact, I actually love computers so much that I could not imagine my life without one.

It is also a fact that I have experienced failure in business, having once started a business that did not go at all as I had anticipated. Today I own and manage three businesses and would consider myself a successful business man.

I know I have failed many times to be the husband and father I have wanted to be. In spite of letting myself and my family down at times, I am still able to say that I have successfully navigated through almost 26 years of marriage and more than 23 years of parenting.

How can it be that I have failed in so many ways, and yet dare to call myself a success? I believe the answer, at least in part, is that wherever I have failed, I have made the choice to change my attitude rather than stay stuck in the muck of my failure. I know that wallowing in failure will never bring me success. Furthermore, I believe that Success is failure, turned inside out; in other words, success comes from failure.

Only one thing can start us on the road to changing failure into success, and that is a major shift in ATTITUDE! This is not always a simple process and can be painful, but what have you got to lose?

Stop for a moment and do a check up from the neck up. Jot down your answers to these questions: What is my attitude? Do I have an attitude for success? What kind of attitude changes do I need to make now so I can achieve success? Am I willing to make the changes in attitude that success requires? What will I do to make sure I keep the right attitude?

Make the decision to not live in the muck of failure. Choose, instead to have an attitude of success! Then tell yourself often, Success is an Attitude, and I have an Attitude for Success!

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