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In the Greek tale of creation, a Titan (Greek god) by the name of Epimetheus is given the task of creating living creatures. He screws the job up by giving all the good DNA and survival mechanisms to the animals. When it came time to creating man he had nothing left but soft skin and weak limbs.

Desperate, he calls upon his brother Prometheus (which means forethought) to help him out. Prometheus decides to give humans the ability to walk upright and be able to see far away into the distance (like gods). Prometheus then flies to heaven, steals fire from the sun and gives it to mankind.

The reigning God Zeus (a. k. a. Big Poppa) was not happy and orders Prometheus tied to a rock for his crimes. This is the story, from a mythological perspective, of how man got fire, and was able to step out of the age of darkness and into the light of modernity.

When I first heard this story of Prometheus bound, I could only feel sorry for the Titan himself who wanted to help mankind by giving him fire. The fire to me represents not only light and heat, it represents ‘potential’. When man was given fire, he was given ‘potential’. But, the knowledge to use that potential, that fire, would have to be learned and earned over time.

In today’s society, we too are given that fire, that potential, and left with the task of forging an application or strategy to help us achieve our personal and financial goals. Everywhere you turn, there is Promethean potential.

Too often I hear people complaining about the lack of opportunities available to them. But for me, everywhere I turn I see the potential (the fire) given to us to achieve great things. Everything from the books we read (knowledge), to the financial systems in place to help us (banks, credit cards, loans) and access to information (internet) are like Promethean fires; potential given to us.

In the story, Prometheus could only give mankind the potential, but it was then up to mankind to figure out what to do with it. As the Hispanic market continues to grow, so does the Hispanic Fire of opportunity. Everyday more opportunities are opening up to serve this growing section of the population.

So my question to you is, “What tools are available to you right now, that you aren’t using, to take advantage of this growing market opportunity? We’ve been given the Promethean (Hispanic) Fire of opportunity, what you choose to do with that potential is up to you.

Victor Gonzalez, top Hispanic motivational speaker and author of “The LOGIC of Success”. For more info go to: or by email


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