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You must understand You are already a Success, and before you think I’m crazy read further you’ll get the point.

Have you Ever wondered what is the thing you personally call success? What makes you feel good about yourself, is it to be rich to be famous to be approved by people to be loved or even to be hated?

It is strange but most people never ask themselves to define the thing, they call success. They have a disjointed picture of what they want in their brain so it is natural for the outcome to be rather unpleasant. The success here is that you do have an outcome and you are responsible for this, you created your life the way it is today.

So the answer is rather simple change your internal definitions to what you truly desire and life will start picking up. The brain is like a car if you don’t have the control you will get killed but if you do, it makes your life easier.

The Key is Focus, have a very clear vision of what you want and train your mind to focus it’s power to one purpose. It is coordinated and massive action towards a goal that gives you the result.

To conclude a word about failure, it simply Does NOT exist. Feedback is the right word to use. Feedback is your Compass in life without it you are lost.

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