Choice and Change - The Two Constants


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OK, so here we are. We've switched the calendars out and made our resolutions. Now it's time to set about the process of making those changes we've resolved to make. You haven't forgotten already have you?

I heard you say this year I'm going to. . . stop smoking, exercise more, take a few night classes, start saving for retirement, eat healthier, cut my alcohol intake by 50%, get more rest and on and on and on. Choices to change. I applaud you for living consciously enough to even realize that some changes might be good.

Unfortunately there are those who don't dare think that on any given day, we can in any way we choose change anything or everything about ourselves and thus our lives. It seems we've somehow been coerced into believing major portions of the course of our lives are set in stone and are therefore unchangeable.

This of course could not be further from the truth.

On any day we wish we can open a new book for reading or start writing a new and exciting chapter of our own, in our own. We can stretch ourselves to meet new challenges, or we can choose to shrink away from them. At will we can turn old friends new again, and new friends old. We can move up, or we can move on. The choices that we can and must make are essentially endless.

What we must not loose sight of is that these things are in fact CHOICES. And even more importantly we must realize it's through these choices that our history is being continually written.

We also of course have the choice and option of exercising our choice not to choose. I call this the choice of mediocrity. This tag because not to choose is still a choice made. It's just allowing the choice to be made for you rather than by you. A very mediocre way to live. It's choosing to pretend to be alive rather than going ahead and doing it. I can't imagine though why someone would CHOOSE mediocrity. I Guess it's a comfort thing? I mean what the heck, we're here anyway. May as well do the thing. Right?

Anyway, not to get sidetracked. . .

If things aren't the way you want them to be the first thing you must do is choose to do something different from what you're currently doing. My personal philosophy on this one is if things aren't working, ANY other course of action is better. Figuring it's already not working so I can't break it. It's already broken.

We have both the ability and the responsibility to make conscious decisions and choices. What I'm suggesting is that you resolve to be the driver in your life rather than a passenger. You wouldn't set the cruise control on your car and just let it take you where ever it ends up would you? Don't do it with your life.

We must not allow errors in judgment to be repeated every day. If you want things to be different at some point you must resolve to do some things differently. After all, What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same things you've always done expecting to get different results. It's up to you to make the choices that bring the things you want into your life. Whether it be peace, love, happiness or whatever. You must realize there are definite things you can do to bring these things to you.

Two things are always happening. You're always making choices, and these choices are always changing your world. The question is- Are you going to allow the things that change today in your life to be random events, or are you going to exercise your freedom to choose your changes? Either way, one thing is for sure. . .

A change is certainly going to come.

Have a nice week.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday.

C. . .

Clyde Lee Dennis, a. k. a. “SmoothLee" has been bumping around on the web since 1999 and is a self described “Web Head, and Life long AVID music fan". Smooth Jazz Music in particular. In addition to writing CD Reviews for I Love Smooth he is also the Program Director, and can be heard during his daily radio show which airs on one of the internets most listened to smooth jazz radio stations, Smooth Jazz 24/7


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