Is Your Life A Minefield ?


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Why everything has to be so hard? What have I done to deserve such torment and pain? I seems like everything and everyone around me have conspired against me.

Every time I manage to find a balance in my life something happens and destroys it all. Its like I’m cursed, yeah that’s it I’m cursed, there is a black cloud of misfortune upon my head and the wind stands still. Everything I touch turns to stone and dust.

Does this sound like you?

Guess what, many people think like that, in fact every single person in the world has gone through such thoughts. Are they right? Or should I say: Are we right?

The answer is not profound as many people would like to believe. In fact the more you have such thoughts the more you are evolving to someone better stronger.

The idea is rather a simple one: A person that struggles for the best, and at some point achieves it, is the person that has failed the most has been hurt the most has struggled the most and has been disappointed the most.

A reason you feel bad is that everyone around you is quick to judge you and criticize as if they have never done a mistake. Parents often do that mistake they judge like they are perfect, it’s true that they have the best intensions but all that they achieve by doing so, is to instil into you a feeling of inadequacy. You are not indebted to do what other people tell you to, even if they are your parents or wives or husbands or anyone. You must realize that we respect others for their talents but we love them for their flaws.

I have a saying: An achiever sees hell in the future and heaven in the past, a lamer sees heaven in the future and hell in the past, and the wise man sees heaven surrounding hell, for him there is no future and past ‘cause time is not of essence. The difference between them is that the wise man lives in serenity the achiever dies serene and the lamer dreams of it.

Always look for the paradox in life, sometimes in order to win you must lose.

Your Friend,
John Giagkiozis

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