Unlocking Human Potential


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Before we can unlock human potential, we need to know what it is. Human potential is defined as an unexposed ability and hidden power. For a rock seated on a cliff, it has a dormant ability, a reserved power, but for you and I, it simply means unused success, hidden talents and capped capability.

To unlock human potential is to do what you can do but have yet to do it. We must also operate within the laws of human potential:

1. Every great thing starts potentially with an idea.

There is so much you can draw from our human brains but yet we are told, majority of us use only 3% of the brain power. What do you see when you are given an apple seed? One apple tree or a forest of apple trees!

2. Nothing potentially great is ever instant.

With the advance in technology, most of us have become so used to the idea of instant gratification. We want things done yesterday, that's how impatient we have become. One apple seed can take years before turning into an apple forest. Likewise, unlocking human potential takes time too. Have you been realistic about the time you can reach your goals?

3. Your potential is released by hard work.

Instant gratification is a close friend of laziness. When you meet someone who seeks after instant gratification, you are most likely looking at a lazy person as well. Too many people have a misguided idea of the difference between working smarter and working harder. The best policy to adopt in order to unlock the human potential in you is to work hard smartly.

4. To maximize your potential, you need to use your talent and ability to its full capacity.

If you are in a new relationship or new business and if you have yet to experience disappointment, discouragement, tiredness, sense of wanting to give up, you are probably not using your talent and ability to its full capacity!

5. Constant comparison with others can harm your human potential.

Your biggest competition hides within you, your business competitors can pose no threat to you if you have already conquer yourself. Take stock of what you have already achieved. Give an honest assessment of yourself or ask a close business associate or your spouse to do that.

6. Past experiences can harm your human potential.

Are you carrying too many emotional baggage in life? Any ordinary human can look at their past and see failures but it takes an extra ordinary human to look at them and see valuable lessons. What you see about your past can determine how much potential you can unlock.

7. Potential is maximized when you invest in others.

Are you sharing your potential? The highest form of learning happens when you learn to teach. I know I am most alert and committed when I am accountable to more people than my own. The greatest ROI in life is achieved not with stocks and shares but with the people whom you have invested time with to share your potential.

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The Next Step In Human Evolution - The Super Human
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