If NASA Can Launch The Space Shuttle, Then You Can Become A Successnaut


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The recent mission of the space shuttle Discovery is NASA's first return to space since the Columbia shuttle accident in Feb/03. Why is this important to you?

Well, for one thing it reminds me of an old quote you might be familiar with:

"If they can put a man on the moon, then. . . "

But, most important it stands for you achieving your goals.

If NASA can launch the space shuttle, then you can achieve your goals.

Trust me on this, NASA's goals are probably bigger that yours and they are achieving them. Looking at your goals, they should be a piece of cake. NASA knows a thing or 2 about goal setting. They aim for the stars. . . :)

If NASA can launch the space shuttle, then you can set a deadline and keep it.

I always like watching the countdown clock as it gets to 0:00:00. Setting deadlines is important because it makes you accountable for results. Imagine you have a countdown timer ticking down for your goals.

If NASA can launch the space shuttle, then you can problem solve.

Do you think NASA is fantastic at problem solving?

Heck, they wrote the book, developed the manual, and put on the training course on how to problem solve. It doesn't matter what size of problem NASA has, they find a solution for it. The recent problem with foam coming off the fuel tank will be solved before the next shuttle flies. What can you take away from NASA's problem solving abilities to help yourself?

If NASA can launch the space shuttle, then you can build wealth.

Imagine this, there is an instruction manual for every piece of equipment on the shuttle. Now, walk into the business section of any bookstore and you will find a different kind of manual. These are manuals on how to build wealth.

Imagine an astronaut has to learn to operate all of the systems and equipment pretty much by memory. He has to know it well enough to do it in the dark.

It would be cool if you had that level of commitment to learn how to build your wealth.

Yours for success,
Owen Stobbe

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