Success: 11 Universal Laws to Get You There

Jeff Herring

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The Law of Experience

“Success comes from good judgement; good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement. " The more at bats you get, the more experience you get, the more successful you can be.

The Law of Hunger

In the words of motivational speaker Les Brown, in order to be successful, “you have to be huuuuuuuuungrrry!" You have to want it so bad that you can taste it. You have to want it so bad that you are willing to pay the price to get it.

The Law of Balance

While you’re paying the price for success, it’s crucial to keep your life in balance. No one who is a success in their chosen profession and a failure in their personal life is a success.

The Law of Small Successes

Many people never even get started on the road to success because they have convinced themselves that the task is too big. This is a myth that stops many people. Even the most gargantuan of tasks are accomplished one action at a time. One action at a time. Simply break your large task into smaller, more manageable tasks, and celebrate each small success.

The Law of Momentum

Once you get a few small successes under your belt, a powerful momentum has been set in motion. You begin to believe you can be successful, and things that seemed difficult or even impossible before become simply challenges you are eager to take on.

The Law of Clarity

You need to be clear about what you are going for, so you will be clear on knowing when you get it. If you say you want to make more money, that’s not clear enough. I could give you a dollar and you’d have more money. But I don’t think that’s what you meant. How much more do you want? By when do you want it? What could you do to experience the most enjoyment while you are getting it? These questions give you more and more clarity.

The Law of The Trail

Success always leaves a trail. While there is value in blazing our own trail, there is also value in investigating how others have become successful. This leads us to. . . . .

The Law of Modeling

To be successful, we do not have to reinvent the wheel. This is so powerful and yet so easy it’s amazing to me that more people don’t do it. Simply find someone who is doing, or has done, what you want to do, and find out how they did it. What did they do on a daily basis to get where they are? What did they have to believe, what did they have to focus on? Most people are so honored by the question that they will be glad to talk with you. Everyone likes to feel like they have experience and wisdom to pass on to others.

The Law of Habit

All of us need success habits that we think and do every day. Remember, “bad habits are easy to form and difficult to live with, good habits are difficult to form and easy to live with. "

The Law of Focus

It’s our responsibility, each and every day, to control our focus. If we focus on all the things that could go wrong and how we might not be successful, we will be pulled in that direction. If we focus on opportunity and all the many ways in which we can be successful, we’ll be pulled in that direction. We control our focus. It really can be that simple.

The Law of Enjoyment

So many people miss out on this one. They are so busy making sure they are successful that they forget to pause and enjoy it. Folks, there’s two things to shoot for in life: 1) to get what you are aiming for, and 2) to enjoy it once you get it. Only the most wise and fortunate of us do both.

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