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Lee Down

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Ride the Wheel

It's a challenge to stay at the centre of the wheel of change. It's like riding the merry-go-round in a playground. The centre is the safest part to stay, with much less risk of being thrown off. Yet the centrifugal forces of our emotions threaten to send us to the edge as we struggle to maintain our grip of the centre. The longer we can stay there, the more laughter we experience in the face of adversity. I've been experiencing that too. Today was a bit of a challenge and I rode the ledge for a couple of hours. Having this perspective of existence that I've spoken of before, I'm finding it easier to find my way back to centre. Even so, I've also noticed that to edge away a bit from centre propels me into more action. There's a fine line there that must be negotiated. The dance of life.

Never Give Up

You know, I just responded to someone this evening and wrote that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all know that saying. When times are hard and the situation seems hopeless, we usually turn a corner and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking at the situation, I fully saw this about a month or two ago and figured that the light at the end of the tunnel would've materialized by now. I mean, it's there, just not here yet. I still have more tunnel to go through. In the dark, I've noticed, the distance of the light is deceiving. Will I reach the opening today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or 2006? I don't know. Hanging on is really tough some days but I still refuse to give up.

Lee Down is a Professional Coach, Trainer/Facilitator, Speaker, & Writer of One Man Can Human Capital Development that focuses on relationships, the key foundation to success in business and life. With more than 15 years professional experience and a thirst for truth and understanding, he focuses on the human spirit and human capacity.

Working with clients, he facilitates the breaking down of beliefs, barriers or obstacles that bring clients forward on their journey of discovery with spirit, energy, abundance, passion and purpose, integrating the mind and body experience. Working with business, he brings visionary leadership and relationship skills to the forefront that witnesses an empowered culture evolve and develop directly impacting the improvement to the bottom-line.


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Challenging Times Call For Learners, What Venture Capitalists Should Be Seeking
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